Mahito Yokota

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Mahito Yokota
横田 真人
よこた まひと

Mahito Yokota is a Japanese composer. Yokota learned to play piano as a child and developed a passion for composition. After graduating from the Tokyo College of Music, he gained employment as a video game composer and sound editor for Koei. He was quickly promoted to sound director for Koei's new Kessen series, which earned wide acclaim within the industry for their soundtracks. The success of these compositions led to him contributing to Dynasty Warriors 4.

Impressed by his work, Nintendo offered him a job as a sound director at their Tokyo studio, which Yokota accepted. His first job for the Zelda series was to provide some of the orchestration for Twilight Princess. Yokota would also go on to provide orchestration for the 3DS remakes of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.

Yokota was brought on board the Skyward Sword composition team to provide the cutscene music for the game, which Eiji Aonuma wanted to be orchestral. Due to the game's extensive use of cinematics, Yokota ended up writing more than two hours of music to fill out all of the cutscenes.

Release Game Credit(s)
2006 Twilight Princess Teaser Music Orchestration Music
2011 Ocarina of Time 3D Music
2011 Skyward Sword Music
2015 Majora's Mask 3D Music