Interview:Camp Hyrule August 15th 2005

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Camp Hyrule August 15th 2005


August 15, 2005





This is a portion of the 2005 Camp Hyrule Q&A chat session.

TSA: Do you guys actually adhere to a timeline?
NOA_BILL: Absolutely. We adhere to the intent of the Japanese team, and work closely with them. Particularly with Aonuma and Takano (the writer on the recent games).
NOA_BILL: We've been trying to do a better job of unifying terminology and ensuring that all the appropriate references are retained in the US version, like references to the Knights of Hyrule, the imprisoning war, etc...
NOA_BILL: I got a question about adhering to timelines. There is a timeline established, but it is secret. We do adhere to it. And yes, I love Miyazaki. Cool guy, very creative.
NOA_BILL: I'll be the only one doing the GANNON-BANNING! I fixed the spelling of "GANNON" in the collector's disc and NES classic!
TSA: Bill ruined me!