Igneo Talus Heart

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A Igneo Talus Heart is an enemy drop in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Igneo Talus Hearts are dropped by a Igneo Talus when defeated, along with various gems and other rocky materials.

They are red-hot rocks in the shape of a 🖤 with glowing spikes, which cannot be further broken down or taken into Link's inventory. They can, however, be fused to a weapon; adding a fuse power of 27 and creating a fused weapon which is always called a Igneo Talus Hammer (if a one-handed or two-handed weapon) or Igneo Talus Sledge (if a spear) regardless of the original weapon name. The resulting weapon is a Hot weapon, burning enemies and setting flammable items on fire when hit; as well as increasing Link's temperature while carried, decreasing his need for Cold Resistance armor or Spicy food effects when fused to a weapon or shield he is carrying.