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Link and Inactive Doppels - TFH.png
Link with a pair of inactive Doppels


Hytopia Castle


Doppels are statue-like characters from Tri Force Heroes. They are blue and red and are located in Hytopia Castle. Link may travel with them whenever he wishes to; he just has to tell the Doppel Master to 'awaken the Doppels'. Then each Doppel much step into each triangle and be transported anywhere they like.

How to Use

Single Player

To use each individual Doppel in Single Player Mode, you must tap the Doppel Panel on the Touch Screen. You will be allowed to play as each Doppel and Link by switching via Doppel Panels.


To play on Multiplayer mode, you don't need to bother with Doppel Panels because you are playing cooperatively online with two other friends, so you stick with one Doppel or Link for the whole game.

General Controls

At the beginning of each stage, each Doppel and Link will pick up either a bow, Bombs, Fire Gloves, a Gust Jar, etc. The Doppels can use these items with Y. Each Doppel has a sword that can be used with B and a dash ability that can be used with L/R. The Doppels and Link can 'totem' onto one another to create a stack of Links that can be used in multiple occasions, like when fighting the Giant Buzz Blob or fighting the tall Octoroks.

When Link is using the Doppels, he becomes quite Doppel-like himself. His face turns into a stone mask of sorts when he is not being used, and his hair turns green.