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Aja is a character found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Aja can be seen practice his sword fighting in Lookout Landing. He'll comment that just because a weapon has Decayed, doesn't necessarily make it useless. As long as you have the feel of different types of weapons, it doesn't necessarily matter as much they have decayed.[1][2]


  1. "Hi, sorry, but I'm busy at the moment, so I'll have to talk to you between swings. You never know when monsters will pop up, so I take my training very seriously. You might've noticed, but each sword handles differently, so it's wise to try different types to get used to the feel. If you know their handling and practice plenty, the fact that they're decayed won't matter so much." — Aja, Tears of the Kingdom
  2. "If you learn the traits of different swords and use those traits to your advantage, then the decay won't be a big deal. Best way to learn is to spend time training. Anyway, as you can see, I'm using this area. So if you do intend to train, you'll need to do it elsewhere." — Aja, Tears of the Kingdom