Don’t you think it’s perfect that the cover of Hyrule Historia’s English version is green? Don’t get me wrong, the ancient brown look of the original cover, making it look like an old tome, was pretty awesome and, I’m not knocking it. But the green is perfect, and not just because it’s Link’s color. Surely I can’t be the only person who’s reminded of the Book of Mudora from A Link to the Past?

I realize that might sound like an odd connection to make, but come on, think about it!

Any A Link to the Past fan ought to know what the Book of Mudora is. This green book with golden text on its cover is thought to contain Hyrulean lore and stories, and is used in A Link to the Past to translate the ancient Hylian language so Link can enter the Desert Palace. Are those enough bolded words to get the point across? Let’s look at some bulletpoints.

Hyrule Histora has:

  • A green cover.
  • Golden text on the cover.
  • Official rulings and details on Zelda’s lore.
  • Details about the stories of the Zelda games.
  • A translator for one or two of the numerous Hylian languages.

Is your mind blown yet? How about we compare the two side by side?

Kind of intense, right?

Obviously, most of this is coincidental; just because Nintendo decided to make a book of Zelda lore doesn’t mean they were intentionally referencing the Book of Mudora, because lore books for popular series are common, as are history books like the Book of Mudora in any setting, real or fictional. The coloring of the cover is equally as coincidental; green is now an iconic color of the franchise due to Link, its iconic green protagonist, and gold is used a lot as well, besides just being considered an epic color in general and a good addition to the green. The original cover wasn’t even green anyway.

I don’t care. I still think it’s cool. Maybe that’s just the inner A Link to the Past fan in me speaking, and it could be a sentiment that newer fans of the series, who were introduced with games like Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess, won’t be able to relate to. But come on, surely I can’t be the only one who made this mental connection! Someone else out there noticed this too, right?! Maybe it’s silly of me to go on about this similarity, but hey, I spend significant portions of my life making in-depth articles and videos about a video game series where the protagonist bottles fairies, is raised by trees with mustaches, and talks to guys who look like this. I get to be silly!

Seriously though, did anyone notice these huge similarities between Hyrule Historia and the Book of Mudora? Do you think it’s cool, or am I being ridiculous? Tell me in the comments!

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