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With the biggest discount, the Zelda manga set is now $38.25, reduced from $79.99. Hyrule Historia is now $17.08, reduced from $34.99…

It’s been quite a few years since the Hyrule Historia‘s release in 2011, meaning it’s been quite a few years since fans were given an official Zelda timeline. The timeline seemed like a godsend to the many fans that fervently theorized and debated the chronology of each Zelda game. But how did the release of an official timeline – a conclusive chronology – really affect Zelda fan theories and Zelda fan culture in general. We’re here today to debate whether the official timeline ultimately helped or hurt fan theories…

The timeline of the Zelda series has been something at the forefront of debates for numerous years. Many fans, myself included, theorized on the timeline a long time before there was an official announcement. If you aren’t familiar with this term, a timeline places all of the games in a series in some sort of chronological order, usually taking place in the same dimension. What makes it confusing is not only the complexity of the Zelda games, but also that…

In a wonderful, and perhaps predictable, turn of events, a new Prima guide for Hyrule Warriors has become available for pre-order on Amazon. If you are at all familiar with Prima guides, you know that high expectations are never disappointed, but this particular edition has some new perks to go with it. Hit the jump to find out more!

Ocarina of Time‘s Forest Temple, Skyward Sword‘s Ancient Cistern, and Skyward Sword‘s Sandship: all three are very distinct dungeons which brought something entirely new and innovative to The Legend of Zelda franchise. But they also share one very recognizable feature in common: they’re all from 3D iterations of the series. These dungeons represent just a taste of our writers’ favorite dungeons so far this week, and in what may be both a surprising and questionable choice to some, I will be tackling Skyward Sword‘s Lanayru Mining Facility. I know what you’re thinking—The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is often criticized for its linear game play and world construct when compared to its predecessors, and rightfully so. So why have I (and our other writers this week) been so keen on choosing its dungeons?

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Every collection that is submitted is unique in its own way, whether it’s an item, a first game, or who is collecting. This week’s Collection Spotlight features a brother and sister duo from my home state of Ohio. These two have banded together to collect the titles from everyone’s favorite video game series. Filip and his sister have searched high and low, on the Internet, and at garage sales in order to build up a complete and beautiful collection consisting…

Well, more like a minute and ten seconds, but who cares? Zelda lore is often complex and confusing for those who truly get into the franchise. Filled with split timelines, constantly revived villains, and confusing methods of time travel, the events leading up to each title have confused many.

But this isn’t for Zelda veterans; it’s for you, the newcomers to Zelda, that this video is meant for. Throw in a heavily abridged description of events and a few humorous audible and visual jokes, and you’ve got a masterpiece. You’ll chuckle, you’ll cry, you might even remember a suppressed memory or two about the CD-i games…so be sure to watch and enjoy. Hop inside to watch the video!

After the official timeline of the events seen in every Zelda game was shown in Hyrule Historia, there has been extensive debate concerning the validity of the Decline Timeline, which details the fate of Hyrule if Link were to be defeated by Ganon at the end of Ocarina of Time. Some fans claim that it is a cop-out, due to it exploring an alternate ending to Ocarina of Time, and being more of a ‘What if?’ timeline. Other fans insist…

Where on the timeline could we expect the new Zelda U? Let’s venture into Hyrule’s official history to find out.

In Hyrule Historia we were given the wonderfully helpful, yet controversial and somewhat confusing, official timeline. With three separate parallels after Ocarina of Time, we see the two successful splits caused by Zelda’s sending of Link back in time and so on. However, we also received the breathtakingly shocking third split: the timeline where the Hero fails.

Since we know the timeline of existing games from Hyrule Historia (which is now outdated because of A Link Between Worlds) we can have a go at finding rifts in the timeline that could have potential for a game to be inserted. So let’s ask the question: where on the timeline could we expect the new Zelda U, or possible games in the future? Furthermore, what could we expect with game content, and how exactly would it “link” into the timeline?

Read more to uncover where a future game could be placed, and what it could possibly have in respect to content.

If there is any proof that the Zelda series’s popularity remains strong , this is it. Online retailer Amazon has released its 2013 list of top 100 adult print books sold during the year, and the Zelda art book Hyrule Historia has made  it into the top ten. More after the jump.