Rod Lloyd


Location: Riverside, CA
Favorite Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Date Joined: December 2014

Be excellent to each other... and... PARTY ON, DUDES!

Rod Lloyd is the Editor-In-Chief at Zelda Dungeon, overseeing the news and feature content for the site. Rod is considered the veteran of the writing team, having started writing for Zelda Informer in 2014 as a Junior Editor. After ZD and ZI officially merged in 2017, he stepped into the Managing Editor role and has helped steer the ship ever since. He stepped up to lead the writing team as Editor-In-Chief in 2023.

Rod has been playing Zelda games since he was in the fourth grade. While his first Zelda game was Majora’s Mask, he’s since gone back and played through all of the classics. Beyond Zelda, he’s also a passionate fan of Super Mario, Metroid, Metal Gear, Resident Evil, and Dark Souls. Rod also loves movies, music, and professional wrestling.

If you want to hear his thoughts on wrestling, you can check out his wrestling web show “Keep Kayfabe“. And if you want to hear his thoughts on everything else, check out his podcast “Media Made“!

The Zelda Dungeon Caption Contest and Zelda Dungeon themed weeks are Rod’s babies. Be sure to tell him how much fun you have reading his stuff!

You can find Rod on Twitter right here, or you can shoot him an email at:

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