198742-headerThroughout almost every Zelda game, Link has always had a companion that could take him from point A to point B. He could even just spin in circles, if he really wanted to- either way his companion acted as his way of transportation. And as we know, we’ve seen quite a few companions Link can use as transportation- so the question is, which do you prefer? Do you prefer galloping throughout Hyrule, or sailing above it? Perhaps even flying above the clouds? We’ll get more into that right after the jump!

Let’s not delay any further, and jump right into it- Being Link’s companion for quite a few titles, I’m sure all of us know by now who Epona is. She’s the first method of transportation. She can take Link wherever he needs to go in Hyrule, and of course, giving her carrots will make Epona accelerate for a short amount time until she slows down again- that is, until you give her another carrot! She can leap over fences, too- and if Link has a Bow, he can shoot arrows at enemies via horseback. Epona is the horse every Zelda fan has always known and loved, and is Link’s truest companion.

But if that’s not your style, you’ve always got the King of Red Lions at your side! The King of Red Lions is Link’s method of transportation whilst Hyrule is flooded. Link can sail wherever he may want to go, in the vast body of water known as The Great Sea. And although a jumping boat is quite impressive, he also has the capability to seek out treasure where Link would never be able to retrieve it, and even has the ability to fire bombs out of a cannon. And in Wind Waker HD, you have the option to obtain the Swift Sail in the Auction House- if you do, you can certainly say your journey will be a breeze from there on out.


Oh, and while we’re on the topic of breeze, how about a Loftwing? Another one of Link’s many methods of transportation is his Loftwing, which lets him soar through the sky high and low. Link cannot use a Bow on his Loftwing, but he still does have a way of offensive maneuvers- his Loftwing can use its own form of a spin attack, both attacking enemies in its way and accelerating at the same time. If in an area that allows it, Link can even dive off his Loftwing into the Surface World, and only needs to whistle for his companion to fly right back to him. The Loftwing can soar high and dive low while gaining extra speed, making the Loftwing a definite good choice for transportation.


Now with that said, there are still a few more, such as a train and a few others unmentioned here. But if you have a favorite unlisted, do tell!

So, what’s your favorite method of transportation? Are one of the three here listed one of your favorites? Or might you prefer something else? Perhaps you have opinions on all of these companions? If so, hesitate no further to sound off in the comments!