Original Box ArtDespite the release of not only Hyrule Warriors DLC, but also a new handheld entry in Tri Force Heroes, 2015 was relatively low-key for Zelda. As Jon discussed a couple of days ago, the highlight — if you can call it that — was just how little we heard about Zelda Wii U. Based solely on what we know right now, though, 2016 looks to be the series’ biggest year since 2011. Considering that it’s the franchise’s 30th anniversary, as well as Twilight Princess’s tenth, there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to release Hyrule Warriors Legends, an HD remake of Link and Midna’s adventure, and Zelda Wii U.

Surely, this calls for some kind of celebration. You know, beyond simply playing these three games. Are you going to do anything special for Zelda’s 30th anniversary? If so, feel free to let us know, as well as check out my own plans, after the jump.

Things are about to get pretty dorky and long-winded. To anyone who manages to stick around, thank you. So, I have an annual tradition of replaying my ten favorite video games during the summer and fall. However, I held off on revisiting Twilight Princess — my No. 1 favorite — with the hope that an HD remake would release early next year. My thought process was, I mean, that game turns ten next year, and Wind Waker got a remake for its ten-year anniversary. If Zelda Wii U does release in 2016, it’ll take up the holiday slot, so it’ll have to be earlier in the year. Didn’t want to burn myself out on my favorite game with two playthroughs that were so close together, you know?


With that being said, my, er, ritual — I guess? — begins in March and will last throughout most of the rest of the year. After I beat Twilight Princess HD and Hyrule Warriors Legends, I plan to revisit the rest of the series in chronological order. Admittedly, I run the risk of exhausting myself on the series before Zelda Wii U even launches — might not even complete them all. It should be a blast, though, especially considering that it’s been ages since I last played most of these games.

Again, though, what about you? Do you plan on playing through the whole series, too, or even just some of the older games? Going to throw a Zelda party? Have tickets to go see Symphony of the Goddesses? Definitely let us know in the comments below.