Phantom Hourglass Fishing
This guide can help you complete the fishing quest.

A Mermaid for the Old Wayfarer
 - Your first objective is to unite the Old Wayfarer with the mermaid girl, Joanne. Sail on over to Bannan Island in the top-right corner of the Northwest Quadrant. There is only one hours on the island, so walk on in to meet the Old Wayfarer. He speaks of his dreams of searching for various things, but one thing in particular is a mermaid. After speaking with him once, chat with him again and he will give you a clue that the mermaid won't she herself if there are enemies around.

 - Leave the hut and just as the Old Wayfarer said, we must get rid of the enemies for the mermaid to show up. Wander around the west side of the island defeating all the various enemies that appear. They are all relatively simple enemies including ropes, red chuchu's, and yellow chuchu's. Once all the enemies have been defeating, walk along the coastline and toss your boomerang out into the water to see more of the screen. Walk around until you see the Mermaid and trace a boomerang path at her. Once you hit her, she is rather angry and explains that she is just a girl that is dressed up as a mermaid and demands that Link give an apology. After some more chit-chat, the mermaid will go off diving back into the water.

 - Run inside of the hut and speak with the Old Wayfarer. He doesn't quite believe the story that Link tells him and even worries that the Mermaid might have found another man. There is only one other man on this side of the island, so run on over to the ship and speak with Linebeck. After speaking with Linebeck, you will find that the mermaid did in fact have a chat with him. Once that's over with, run back and speak with the Old Wayfarer once again. Hey look!, the mermaid is in the Old Wayfarer's small swimming pool. The Old Wayfarer can't thank Link enough and for his efforts, he presents Link with the fishing rod. He says that he made the rod in other to catch the mermaid but that it is now useless. He does give Link some brief instructions and then Link is off. Run back over to Linebeck and set sail to try your newly acquired fishing rod.

The First Four Fish
 - Now that Link has acquired the fishing rod, you should immediately notice something different on the sea chart map. A small fish will appear on the map floating around. Trace a line so that you can intersect the fish. Once your boat is touching the fish symbol, tap the menu symbol at the bottom left of the touch screen. The ‘fish’ symbol should now be hold and you should be allowed to click on it. Tap the fish button and Link will toss his fishing rod into the water, leading into a new view on the screen.

 - The bottom of the screen will show Link on his boat, while his fishing line and the actual fish can be seen on the top of the screen. You should see a small figure swimming towards the fishing line. Once the fish catches on to the line, a big ‘Pull’ will appear on the screen. At this point, place the stylus on Link and then pull down to the bottom of the touch screen without lifting the stylus. If done at the right time, ‘Hit’ should appear and the fish will be caught on the line.

 - Two new features appear on the top screen now. Right by the fish, it will show a distance in yards. This is pretty self explanatory as it just shows how far away the fish is from Link. On the left side of the top screen, it shows a meter ranging from green to danger in red. This shows how much of a lock the fish is on the rod. The best option in pulling the fish in is to pull the fishing rod in the opposite direction of the actual fish. So if the fish is in the middle of the top screen, just pull straight down and the meter should rise to green. However, if the fish moves over to the left of the screen, you want to pull at the bottom right of the screen. If the meter gets close to danger, arrows will appear on the screen and show you the direction of where to pull. If you still don’t pull in the direction, the fish will break off and ‘Miss’ will appear on the screen.

 - The key to pulling the fish in is that when the meter is in the middle or at the green, you have to rapidly draw little circles at the bottom of the screen and this will cause Link to start reeling the fish in. The fish will also occasionally jump out of the water and it will say ‘Let Go’. If you keep pulling on the line without letting go, the fish will break loose and ‘Miss’ will appear. When the fish is jumping out of the water, just release the stylus from the touch screen until it falls back in the water. Keep reeling in the fish and it will slowly move closer. Once caught, it will give the name and size of the fish with a picture of Link holding his newest catch.

 - There are 3 main fish that Link can catch with the fishing rod. The smallest and easiest of the fish is the Skippyjack. They barely move from left to the right and should be rather simple to reel in. Once you catch one, be sure to show it to the Old Wayfarer for a small price of a random treasure piece. Once you catch or miss a fish, and return to the sea, the fish symbol will be gone. Just sail around and the symbol will resurface in a different area of the sea. The Toona is the next largest fish and it is always rather easy to catch. It moves from left to right a bit more than the Skippyjack, but still should be an easy catch. Once caught, show it to the Old Wayfarer for some more treasure. The Loovar is the toughest of fish to catch with the regular fishing rod. They are pretty rare at this early stage of the game so just take your time, catching all the fish you can until you’ve found a Loovar. They are quite larger than the previous two fish and are a bit more challenging to bring in, but nothing you can’t handle. Some of these Loovar’s have small tiny Stowfish attached to them. It is all luck if you catch a Loovar that has a Stowfish attached to him, but once you do so, show one or both of them to the Old Wayfarer and he will present you with a new ship part and a random treasure. In addition to that, after catching a Skippyjack, a Toona, and a Loovar, he will give Link the Big Catch Lure.

Rusty Swordfish & Neptoona
 - What this new Lure does, is attract much larger fish. Loovar’s are now much easier to find, and thus, you have a better chance to catch Stowfish. In addition to that though, the Big Catch Lure will allow Link to find the very rare Rusty Swordfish. They are found in the same fish symbols floating around the sea and might take a few tries to actually find one. Once you do however, it is quite the battle to bring them in. They move rapidly from left to right and constantly are jumping out of the water. Just be patient when trying to bring the fish in and be sure your meter is always closer to the green. Once you do bring in a Rusty Swordfish, show it to the Old Wayfarer and he will be excited and reward Link with another ship part. In addition to that, he will tell Link of the legendary fish, Neptoona, and he asks Link to try and catch one for him.

 - Now that you’ve caught a Rusty Swordfish, a new symbol is available on the water, a Rusty Swordfish symbol. They don’t appear as frequent as the regular fish symbol and they move around much quicker. Just stay in a quadrant and sail around for a bit until the symbol appears. Then sail on over, and fish just as before. Rusty Swordfish are the most common in these places, but Loovar’s also appear once in awhile. The rare Neptoona can only be found in these Rusty Swordfish areas. They appear nearly identical as the Rusty Swordfish from a distance. However, once Link begins to reel one in, he’ll notice it is more of a bluish color rather than the pinkish purple color of the Rusty Swordfish. As you’d expect, they are quite difficult to reel in and will jump in and out of the water like no other. Much like the Rusty Swordfish, just have patience when reeling in the fish and eventually you’ll make the catch.

 - Take the legendary fish Neptoona to the Old Wayfarer and show him your most recent catch. He is delighted to see what you have caught and presents Link will a full heart container.