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In the waters of the World of the Ocean King


"You caught the legendary fish...Neptoona! It measures [var] ft., [var] in.! Fishermen swap tales of this mythical fish! Take it to the adventurer![1]"

— In-game description

The Neptoona is a type of fish featured in Phantom Hourglass. It is a legendary fish, and there is only one of them in the entire ocean.[2] It is incredibly large as well, measuring at 17 feet and 3 inches, and is the rarest and most sought after fish in the sea. They are very similar in appearance to Rusty Swordfish, and are found in swordfish shadows. Once caught, Neptoona cannot be caught again, and when shown to the Old Wayfarer, he will be overjoyed, calling Link a legendary romantic, and will also give him a Heart Container. [3]



  1. "You caught a rusty swordfish! It measures [var] ft., [var] in.! This is a big one! Look at that impressive pattern on its back!" — In-game description, Phantom Hourglass.
  2. "Ah! I think a courageous fisherman such as yourself can do it. Lately, fish shadows have been sighted on the sea's surface. Rumors are swirling among the bold and hearty fishermen... The legendary fish, Neptoona, surfaces once again! If you were to catch one, you would truly be...the legendary romantic!" — Old Wayfarer, Phantom Hourglass.
  3. "The legendary fish, Neptoona... It's the essence of the romance of the sea! Young man! You follow your wayfaring heart! I salute you, legendary romantic!" — Old Wayfarer, Phantom Hourglass.