Link- the main character, is a descendent from the original Hero of Time. Link is the age of 12 and he sets on his quest to save his sister, Aryll, and destroy Ganon.
Aryll- Link's sister was captured by Ganons giant bird by mistake for Tetra. This is what starts Link's new journey.
Ganondorf- The main evil in the game. He is in control of the bird that grbs Link's sister. He also takes the power to repel evil from the master sword and you have to get it back.
Links Grandmother- In reminder of the hero of time, she gives you the green tunic. Once you save Tetra, she will give you the shield that the legendary hero of time used.
Tetra- She is a pirate that helps Link in his quest. Being a descendant of Zelda, Tetra also holds the trifroce of Wisdom.
The Great Deku Tree- The giant tree you save from a bunch of blobs. In return, The Great Deku Tree gives you the leaf, which is used to glide long distances and use as a giant fan.
Tingle- Tingle is the immature little guy that wants to be a fairy. He has one very important part though. He desiphers maps that will let you find the pieces for the triforce of courage. He is found on Windfall behind the dancing guy.
King of the Red Lions- He is your boat throughout the game. You cannot go anywhere without him. He also holds the secret identity of the King of Hyrule.