Recently, our Zelda Dungeon Writing Staff released a feature that collected the various writers’ SPICIEST Zelda hot takes, and just like we did on the podcast a few months ago, we’re now reacting to each take and assigning it a SPICE meter. On the table: is the downfall timeline the only logical conclusion for the timeline to go following the events of Ocarina of Time? And speaking of that game, is nostalgia the only thing keeping it atop our Best Zelda Ever lists? Is Ballad of the Goddess and Saria’s Song overrated? Would Twilight Princess be just fine without Princess Zelda? Are Mipha and Revali compelling characters? All this and so much more are discussed!

Are these takes Eldin Hot, Hebra Cold, or somewhere in between? Listen to find out, and let us know what your own hot takes are!



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