John Lortie

    Junior Editor

    Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
    Favorite Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    Date Joined: February 2024

    Pretty amazing to be something, at least.

    John’s been a Zelda fan since he was seven years old (which was a good few decades ago). He loves the last three months of the year, analog media, his family, and Tolkien. His favorite Zelda game is Breath of the Wild and his favorite game is Night in the Woods.

    His video game journey started with a Sega Game Gear but was solidified with an Atomic Purple Game Boy Color and a copy of Pokémon Red. His first true Zelda experience was with Oracle of Seasons, and he’ll forever be a fan of Dimitri the Dodongo and Subrosia because of it.

    You can follow him over on Bluesky if you want to see some of his non-Zelda thoughts.

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