Josh Wittmershaus

    Junior Editor

    Location: Sacramento, California, USA
    Favorite Zelda: Majora's Mask
    Date Joined: August 2023

    Time passes, people move... like a river's flow, it never ends. A childish mind will turn to noble ambition. Young love will become deep affectionate. The clear water's surface reflects growth... now listen to the Serenade of Water and reflect upon yourself.

    Josh Wittmershaus is a writer at Zelda Dungeon. Originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, he now resides in Northern California. Aside from Zelda, Josh enjoys playing music, seeing live music, music history, and all other things music. He also enjoys hockey and the occasional political or philosophical thought exercise. Josh also enjoys regular exercise, and is currently working on becoming a dungeon master (maybe homebrewing a Zelda campaign?? We’ll see.)

    Josh’s Zelda career started with Ocarina of Time, although he admittedly spent as much time watching his older neighbor play for him as he did playing the game himself. From there he played Majora’s Mask, which remains his favorite game of all time. Much like Link’s seven-year in Ocarina of Time, Josh withdrew from the gaming world for some time, only to re-emerge playing Breath of the Wild during the COVID-19 pandemic. His passion for Zelda and gaming rekindled, Josh is now on a mission to play every Zelda game, having started eighteen and completed fourteen so far.

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