Ball and Chain Trooper

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Ball and Chain Trooper
Sprite of Ball and Chain Trooper from A Link to the Past




A Link to the Past [show]

Link's Awakening [show]

Oracle of Seasons [show]

Oracle of Ages [show]

Four Swords [show]

Four Swords Adventures [show]

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A Link Between Worlds[show]

A Ball and Chain Trooper is an enemy in the Zelda Series frequently featured in 2D titles. A similar enemy known as Darkhammer can be found in Twilight Princess.


A Link to the Past

Link first encounters this enemy as the mini-boss of the first part of the game in Hyrule Castle's Dungeon, guarding Princess Zelda's cell. This enemy also appears later in the game when Link revisits Hyrule Castle after getting the Master Sword.

The most effective method to defeat a Ball and Chain Trooper is to throw jars at it. It takes just two jars to defeat one. Link can also incorporate a hit and run tactic. Run to it, hit it, and run before its swinging ball and chain has a chance to hit Link. Ball and Chain Troopers take several hits, but taking his time with a hit and run tactic is better than all-out-attacking, since it can quickly kill Link if he does this.

Link's Awakening

The Ball and Chain Trooper, known as the Knight,[1] is a mini-boss found only once in Kanalet Castle. Link must defeat him, as he guards one of the Golden Leaves that he must retrieve. This enemy can be a difficult foe due to its long-range weapon. Before attacking, it will swing the ball and chain above its head slightly faster than normal. It is best to move in to attack it as soon as it pulls back its weapon. The Spin Attack is an effective strategy, since Link has plenty of time to charge it while waiting for him to attack. A few other methods to defeat him include the long range arrows which can do wonders here. You can also throw a bomb towards him to defeat him.

Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons

Four Swords

Four Swords Adventures

The Minish Cap

Ball and Chain Troopers are called Ball and Chain Soldiers in this game. They can be found in the Palace of Winds and Dark Hyrule Castle. They will swing their spiked ball and chain in a circle while slowly walking around, and will hurl it at Link when he is in range. Link can use his shield to protect himself from the ball. Once they swing it out at Link, he will have a few seconds to run up and strike them.

Ball & Chain Soldier
Ball & Chain Soldier figurine.gif Appears in the Palace of Winds and Dark Hyrule Castle. They're not fast but that iron ball is a bruiser! Try to hit them after they swing the ball.

Twilight Princess

Main article: Darkhammer

There is only one Ball and Chain Trooper found throughout Twilight Princess called Darkhammer, and it serves as the miniboss of the Snowpeak Ruins.

A Link Between Worlds

Ball and Chain Troopers are first encountered within the upper floors of Hyrule Castle. They appear like their predecessors from A Link Between Worlds, in which they will whip around a large ball and chain. Link can quickly run in and deliver a sword slash to attack the enemy, or use a long range weapon to prevent taking damage.

In Lorule Castle, more powerful Ball and Chain Troopers can be found. These soldiers are donned in dark armor and carry a ball and chain that is lit on fire. These enemies are much more difficult to defeat, but the Ice Rod can be effective in stunning them to get a few hits in at a time.



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