Twilight Princess HD Walkthrough

Welcome to the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough. Upon release in March of 2016, this guide will transform into a Twilight Princess HD Walkthrough for the Nintendo Wii U version of the game. The Nintendo Wii U version will resemble the Nintendo GameCube version. The Nintendo Wii version will be a mirrored version of the other two. As the Wii U version will become the newest, and most accessible, we will make this primarily become a Twilight Princess HD Walkthrough, with references to the other versions.

UPDATE: This guide is being worked on. Currently Chapters 1 – 13 are updated for the Wii U HD version, played on normal mode. Remaining chapters are currently for the Nintendo Wii version and will be updated in the coming days. If you are playing through the Wii U version, you can still use Chapters 14 and onward. However, it is the Wii version, so directions will be mirrored if you are playing the normal quest of Twilight Prinecess HD. Likewise, there are some updates to the HD version of the game that are not in the walkthrough yet. Bare with us as we upgrade the guide.

The walkthrough below is a complete 100% Twilight Princess Walkthrough that will cover a full run through of the entire game, including strategies for all bosses and enemies, the collection of all heart pieces, treasures, upgrades, and guides that take you through all of the many side quests within the game.

Chapter 1 – Ordon Village

Chapter 2 – The Twilight

Chapter 3 – Faron Woods: Twilight

Chapter 4 – Forest Temple

Chapter 5 – Kakariko Village: Twilight

Chapter 6 – Death Mountain

Chapter 7 – Goron Mines

Chapter 8 – Lanayru Province: Twilight

Chapter 9 – Lake Hylia: Sidequests

Chapter 10 – Lakebed Temple

Chapter 11 – The Master Sword

Chapter 12 – Gerudo Desert

Chapter 13 – Arbiter’s Grounds

Chapter 14 – Scaling Snowpeak

Chapter 15 – Snowpeak Ruins

Chapter 16 – Sacred Grove: Round Two

Chapter 17 – Temple of Time

Chapter 18 – In Search of the Sky

Chapter 19 – City in the Sky

Chapter 20 – Palace of Twilight

Chapter 21 – Cave of Ordeals

Chapter 22 – Hyrule Castle

  • Ganondorf Dragmire

    Exactly. An HD remaster ala Wind Waker HD would be a godsend.
    Maybe with re-added cut content.

    • Ganondorf Dragmire


  • Kimberly Wilson

    When they remake this game, they better remove that damn flaming cart.

  • Zelda’sVibrator

    Just a heads up – in the Wii U HD version (release 2016) – the directions are the inverse of what this guide says..kinda like the gamecube vs wii version of other things. So, the walkthrough says left, it’s actually right….and the map is inverted too…if you’re comparing to online images. Walkthrough is still amazing, and it’ll probably take forever to change all the directions in the text, so probably easier to just post a little note or something

    • We are upgrading the guide. [As of March 6th – the first 5 chapters are updated to the Wii U version]. The remainder of the guide will be done in the next couple weeks.

    • Robby Vandenhole

      If you’re in hero mode on the HD version, it plays like the wii version did. so you have an option of playing the game like the GameCube version was, or mirrored like the wii version was. Personally I’m playing the HD version through in hero mode, because I played the wii version of the original game.

  • Moose

    What’s the progress with the rest of the chapters for Twilight Princess HD? When might the next update be?

    • Steady progress – as of March 27th, over half the guide is converted for the HD version. Chapters 1 – 12 are all done. Chapters 13 and onward will be updated in the coming weeks.

      • Moose

        Thanks, you guys keep up the great work. Can’t wait until it’s completed.

  • christoff

    Whens the rest of the guide going to be posted?

  • Paul

    The bridge of eldin is broken. This guide is messed up. You expect us to cross it before you tell us how to fix it. How am i supposed to get that heart piece

    • Thortok

      The bridge of Eldin breaks in chapter 8 and is fixed in chapter 13. You are not told to cross it in between those two chapters, although you do go near it on one side or the other in order to collect stuff.

      For more specific help, please refer to a chapter and subsection, and better yet, post your comment on the page for that chapter.

      • Paul

        In chapter 11 the walkthrough says we can get heart piece 25 north of eldin bridge. How is that possible when the bridge is broken at this point in the game and the walkthrough doesnt tell us anyother way to cross the bridge.

        • Thortok

          You have to take the long way around. Starting at the west side of Castle Town, you can travel all the way to the north side of eldin bridge by foot. If you’re following along with the walkthrough, at that point you’re already in the northern area of Hyrule field, all you have to do is travel east a little bit. I’ll suggest a clarification to that paragraph.

          • Paul

            Thank you for clarifying it for me

          • Mathew Lecher

            Paul needs reading lessons.

          • Thortok

            One thing you learn as a writer is it doesn’t matter how you write it, if enough people read it, someone’s going to fail to understand it, one way or another.

  • Mathew Lecher

    Is there an ETA for chapter 14, or is it all coming out at once.

    • Thortok


      “Soon” does not imply any particular date, time, decade, century, or millennia in the past, present, and certainly not the future. “Soon” shall make no contract or warranty between ZeldaDungeon and the end user. “Soon” will arrive some day, ZD does guarantee that “soon” will be here before the end of time. Maybe. Do not make plans based on “soon” as ZD will not be liable for any misuse, use, or even casual glancing at “soon.”

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  • Cody

    Which is going to come first, Zelda WiiU or the rest of this guide?

  • Stax802

    You guys are Fuckin Slacking hard core

  • Muhammad Faiz Mohd Yunus

    Finished 100% of the game. Can use as reference. Will try to timecode the video to make it easier.