Twilight Princess Walkthrough – Scaling Snowpeak

NOTE: This chapter is currently under construction, as it is being upgraded for the Nintendo Wii U version of the game. Please stay tuned over the next several days as this page will be adjusted accordingly. In the meantime, if you need help with this portion of the game, you can check out the Scaling Snowpeak – Wii Version guide.

This chapter covers the normal mode of the HD version of Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii U. If you are playing on the Nintendo Wii, check out the Scaling Snowpeak – Wii Version.

14.1 Goodies with the Spinner

Now that Arbiter’s Grounds is behind us and we have the spinner in hand, there are a few new secrets we can uncover on our quest. Use Midna and warp to the Castle Town warp point. From here, travel eastward as if you were heading towards Lake Hylia. Keep walking eastward towards Lake Hylia and once you reach a fork in the road, take the path that heads northward.

Travel northward and you’ll see a series of spinner rails on the sides of the walls. These ones don’t really do too much good for you, but the last one you see on the right does. It starts off at ground level, and then rises as it goes southward. Use the spinner to grab onto the rail and ride it upwards. Ride it southward and you’ll automatically be transferred to another railing along the western wall.

Keep riding that southward and you’ll once again be automatically transferred to a railing on the eastern wall. From here it gets tricky. There are numerous gaps in the railings and Link will need to make several jumps on the spinner across the gaps. After several jumps there will be no more railings and you’ll be on a higher platform on the east side of the road. A treasure chest is located here. Open it up to get a piece of heart.

Talk to Midna once again and this time warp over to the Eldin Bridge. (If you haven’t retrieved the Bridge, just warp back to Castle Town and make your way to the north part of Eldin Bridge.) From the Bridge, walk northward for quite awhile until you reach a wooden bridge. Look at the wall just north of the bridge and you’ll see a spinner track that leads downwards. Use the spinner and track your way down. Once you reach the bottom, transform into wolf Link and use your senses by the grass. Dig into the large sparkly area to dig into an underground cave.

There are three stalfos in this underground area. Transform back into human Link and plant a couple of bombs to defeat the stalfos. Once all three of them are gone away with, a treasure chest will appear at the north end of the cave. Open it up to get a piece of heart. Return to the light at the south end of the cave to be taken back outside.

14.2 More to do in Castle Town

Back outside, speak with Midna and warp on over to the Castle Town. Transform back into human Link and walk into town. If you have completed the quest that built the bridge in the west side of town, then Malo Mart should be open and selling the Magic Armor for a price of 598 rupees.

If you aren’t quite up to that point, walk over to Agitha’s Castle and sell some remaining golden bugs that you have collected to get up to the 598 rupees that is needed. If you still don’t have enough you can visit miscellaneous caves or dungeons that we’ve gone through that you found rupees that you weren’t able to keep because of a full wallet.

Make your way over to Malo Mart and enter the shop. Purchase the Magic Armor for the price of 598 rupees. With the magic armor equipped, Link will be invincible. However, it will be drained at a rate of 2 rupees per second. If Link is getting attacked, he won’t take damage but he will lose rupees. If Link is out of rupees, the magic armor will weigh Link down, so you should revert back to the green tunic.

It’s a neat idea and once you get the giant wallet and have 1000s of rupees, the magic armor can be somewhat useful. At this stage of the game, there simply are just not enough rupees or good reasons to bother using the magic armor.

Walk on over to Telma’s bar and speak with her. She mentions that you ought to go and speak with Ashei. She is up on Hyrule’s northern mountain checking things out. Speak with the resistance group members and you’ll notice that Auru has returned from Lake Hylia. After gathering information from each of them, take a look at the map and you’ll notice a red dot in area in Zora’s Domain. That is where Ashei has gone to. Leave the bar.

Back outside, speak with Midna and warp over to Zora’s Domain. Walk out of the cavern and then transform back to human Link. Climb back onto land on the east side of the river and follow that path by the guard.

The path leads to the red point on the map. Walk straight ahead and you’ll see a short cinema of the area, and it will label this location as Snowpeak.

Walk forward and speak with the girl here, who is Ashei from Telma’s Bar. She tells you a story of what she has heard from the Zoras. A beast that lives on the mountain has been seen frequently in Zora’s Domain. She says that she came to look herself and she saw the beast. She even made a drawing of it and hands Link Ashei’s sketch. The picture shows the giant creature holding a red fish. She tells you that it is best that you don’t go any further without a plan. Turn around and walk back towards Zora’s Domain.

14.3 Catch the Reekfish

Walk up to the nearest Zora guard that you see and show him Ashei’s sketch. After getting flustered by a picture of the beast, the Zora will recognize the fish as a reekfish. The Zora mentions that Prince Ralis also was capable of catching reek fish. If you’ve forgotten, Prince Ralis is the Zora child that is currently in Kakariko Village. Walk away from all the Zoras and then use Midna to warp over to Kakariko Village.

Now that we are in Kakariko Village there is a quick stop we can make. Transform back into human Link and walk into Barnes shop. You should have gotten a letter from the Postman, explaining the Barnes has a new type of bomb available, bomblings. Since we have three bomb bags and there are now three types of bombs, it makes sense to trade the second set of regular bombs in for a set of bomblings. Walk up to the counter on the left side and sell back regular bombs to Barnes. Then walk up to the counter on the other side and purchase bomblings for 6 rupees per bomb.

Bomblings are the same bombs that we used when we were back in the Forest Temple. If you are a Zelda veteran you will notice that they work fairly similar to how bombchus worked in other games. Link sets it down and it will move forward before exploding.

With that over with, make your way to the graveyard and all the way to the Zora burial site where you will see Prince Ralis. He explains that her mother came to him in a dream and showed him Link’s image. After thanking you for what you’ve done, he offers his services to Link whenever he needs it. Pull out Ashei’s sketch and show it to the young prince. Prince Ralis goes on to talk about the reekfish, how it is a rare specimen only found in the Zora Village. It feeds on a valuable type of coral and that is the key to catching one. The prince’s earring is made of the corral so he generously gives you the coral earring.

It is automatically added to the fishing rod. He then says that the red reekfish can be found near the Mother-and-Child Rocks in the waterfall basin. Crawl back to the other side of the graveyard and then use Midna to get back to Zora’s Domain.

Swim out of the cavern into the waterfall area and then transform back into human Link. Swim down the waterfall and then over to the land on the west side of the river. Look back into the water and you’ll see two rocks sticking out from underground, these are the mother and child rocks Prince Ralis spoke of.

Pull out the fishing rod and cast a line straight ahead. Remember, just wait for the bobber to sink underwater and then pull back. Just hold the Wiimote back until the fish has been brought in. If you are having any trouble finding the fish, they are the bright red ones floating around.

Once you have caught the fish, it will be released onto the floor. Quickly transform into wolf Link and use your senses. Forget the Poe scent and learn the reekfish scent. With the new scent that we’ve just learned, cross the river and continue down the cave towards Snowpeak.

14.4 Navigating Peak Province

There are three Poe souls that we will be getting in this area, and then a 4th in quite a bit. Remember, it must be night time to find them. Ashei is no longer waiting for you here. Use the senses of wolf Link and you’ll pick up the reekfish scent. Begin following it, but be careful as you follow it. Don’t just use your senses since you won’t be able to see very clearly. In addition to that, the scent travels above some water. If you fall into water in this area, you will freeze and be taken to the beginning of the section.

Once you cross the bridge, follow the scent to the northeast and a new enemy will appear. White wolfos will pop out of the ground. These creatures will dash towards you and then go deep into the snow. They are annoying to defeat so you are better off just avoiding them.

You’ll reach what appears to be the end of your map, but as you head eastward, more of the map appears. There is a short wavy line on the map that signifies where wind is blowing hard. Just to the east of the wavy line, you will see a Poe soul’s lantern floating around. Use your senses to see the Poe and then defeat it for the 42nd Poe soul.

Use your senses and return to the reekfish scent trail. Follow it eastward until you reach a point where it heads up a cliff. Turn to the right and follow the path. You’ll see a point where there is a ramp heading back left which leads to the scent trail. Ignore that for now and just continue straight ahead, hugging the wall. Keep going in this direction and you should see another Poe soul’s lantern right near a tree. Use your senses to see the Poe and then defeat it for the 43rd Poe soul.

In this same area there is a huge patch where wolf Link can dig underground. However, Link can’t do much in this underground area without a secret item that we will be getting shortly. Keep in mind this location for future reference. Now return back to the path we were on and take the ramp up to get back to the reekfish scent. Climb up a series of ledges and then keep following the scent.

You’ll reach another point where the scent seems to travel up a cliff. At this point there is a fork in the road. Take the path on the left and you’ll reach an open area with ice keese and several more white wolfos. There are two trees in this area. The one at the south has a Poe floating around. Use your senses to see the Poe and then defeat it for the 44th Poe soul.

Now return to the reekfish scent and take the other path. Make your way up some upward sloping snow until you reach the higher ledge where the scent is at. Continue following the path until you reach another area where the scent travels upwards. This time however, there is no other place to go. As wolf Link, dash into the snow and part of it will cave down, creating a path that Link can travel.

Continue following the path and it will actually lead you to another howling stone. This one is a bit tricky as it is quite lengthy and the pattern is a bit harder to memorize. Once you’ve got it done, howl and you’ll be taken to another strange cliff where you’ll see the golden wolf. Howl the tune once again and the golden wolf will tell you to find him with sword in hand. A symbol then appears on your map in the graveyard of Kakariko Village. We’ll visit there shortly.

Continue along a path, following the reekfish scent. It will end abruptly on a side of the mountain. Use your senses and dig in this area to get into a cavern. Transform into human Link and climb the ladder here. Continue through the cavern as human Link and defeat several ice keese on your way. The gale boomerang works well against these creatures. Continue forward and climb up a series of ledges and then up a vine on the wall. Open the door at the end of the cavern to get back outside.

Walk forward and defeat some of the ice keese that are here. A wall of twilight will appear and three shadow beasts will fall. Defeat them just as you have done before and a portal will appear in the sky. Now that we can quickly warp back here, let’s go take care of that hidden skill in the graveyard. Talk to Midna and warp to Kakariko Village.

Transform into human Link and walk into the graveyard. Walk up to the golden wolf and you’ll be taken to a familiar area with the warrior. You must first prove that you have mastered the mortal draw. Stand in front of the warrior with your sword behind your back. Don’t Z-target the enemy, but press A to draw your sword and slash at him. He will now teach you the jump strike. To perform the jump strike, z-target the warrior and then press and hold A. Once you hear the cling in your sword, release the A button and Link will perform the jump strike. There is only one more skill to learn.

Talk to Midna once again and warp back to Snowpeak top.

14.5 Entering the Snowpeak Ruins

Once you arrive back at Snowpeak, walk over to the huge monster looking creature. It’s hard to walk in the snow with Link, so walk closer with wolf Link and then transform behind him. He’ll ask why a human has come all the way to snowpeak. Talk to him and say that you are looking for something. After Link apparently talks about the mirror shard the monster claims that he has found a mirror piece. He invites you to his house and offers to make you a meal. He says that you can slide over to his house and that you should watch him first. He will knock on the three and a piece of ice will fall. He then uses that to slide down the mountain.

Once you gain control of Link roll into the tree to knock down a piece of ice. Jump on it and slide down the hill. This is relatively simple to do, just stay on the path, jump when you need to jump, and avoid the trees and enemies that get in your way. At the far end of this path, you’ll find a mansion. Walk towards it and Midna will question why the heck a beast man like him has a nice mansion in this middle of a snowy mountain.

Before entering the mansion, turn into wolf Link and turn back. Cross the bridge and to your right, you’ll see a small area of snow that you can climb onto. Follow along this path and it will spiral upwards. At the far top of this area, there is a Poe waiting for you. Of course, it has to be dark for wolf Link to see it. Uses your senses and defeat the Poe to get the 44th Poe soul.

Cross the bridge and turn into human Link. Climb the steps, open the door, and enter the Snowpeak Ruins.

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