Twilight Princess Walkthrough – Hyrule Castle

22.1 The East Courtyard

The last phase of the game is Hyrule Castle and it begins in the outside courtyard. Walk northeast along the stone pathway and a barrier will appear. Defeat numerous bokoblins that appear as well as any kargaroks that fly down from the sky. Once they have all been defeated, open the door to the northeast.

Run forward and a short cut-scene plays. Another barrier is formed and a seemingly endless amount of bokoblins come dashing your way. Defeat them all, using the spin attack when they are all bunched together. Once they have all been defeated, the barrier will go away.

This battle is identical to the battle in the bulblin base. He can easily be stunned with a sword slash. The back slice and the helm splitter work wonders against him as well. Just keep nailing him with attacks and he won’t even get a chance to swing at you.

King Bulblin is finally fed up with being defeated and hands Link a sparkling small key. King Bulblin will say that he follows the strongest and that’s all he’s ever known. King Bulblin then proceeds to ride away. Midna is very surprised that King Bulblin is actually capable of talking. Run to the north end of the area and open the treasure chest to get a red rupee. Return back to the southern portion of the courtyard where you first entered from Castle Town.

22.2 The West Courtyard; Dungeon Map

Walk to the northwest area along the stone pathway and a 4th barrier appears. Defeat the bokoblins as usual and then open the door to get to the west part of the courtyard.

There are a ton of bokoblins that will come charging towards Link. There are also plenty of bulblin archers that will shoot at Link. Defeat the bokoblins and then use the arrows to defeat the bulblins archers. Walk along the path to the west side of the courtyard and you’ll eventually reach two bulbos that are to the east. Jump on top of one of the bulbos and all you need to do is ride right into the fences and the bulbo will crash them down. Ride to the northwest portion of the map and go right through the towers and the bulblin archers will crash to the floor.

At the north end of the courtyard there are several spinner panels on top of the pillars. Walk to the gate at the east end of the courtyard and you’ll see some leaves on the ground. Use the gale boomerang to get rid of the leaves and it will show the correct pattern on the floor. If you look at the ground it is in the shape of a triforce. The six intersection points represent the six pillars with spinners. Use the gale boomerang to hit the spinners in the exact order that they appear on the map. Doing so will open the gate.

Run past the open gate and you’ll see a treasure chest. Open it to get the dungeon map. Turn to the right and you’ll see a tall ladder. Climb up the ladder to reach what is the second floor of the courtyard. Follow the path southward and you’ll eventually come to a small treasure chest. Open it to get a yellow rupee. Drop down and return to the south part of the courtyard.

22.3 The Graveyard

Walk out of the room, and change to wolf link. Walk near the right side wall and use your senses to find a patch where you can dig underneath the wall. On the other side, you’ll see a short cinema of the area. Walk over to the eastern part of the area and you’ll be confronted by stalkin, defeat them with ease. By the gate, you’ll be find a Stalfos, defeat him as well. Walk by the northern wall, you’ll see a very tall tree, use your senses to see soldiers pointing at the ground. Transform back into human form, and use a bomb on the rocks to find a switch. Step on it and the gate nearby will open. Walk over to the open room, defeat the Stalfos along the way, and open the large chest to get an orange rupee, and the two small ones to get 21 more rupees.

Light the torch close by, and the rain outside will stop momentarily. Quickly run over to the east side gate and light the two torches there to open the gate. Take out the Dominion Rod and move one of the statues over to the southern wall where we entered the area. You’ll find two indentations in the ground, place one of the statues in one, and then repeat the process with the other statues. Climb up the steps on the left side wall, and use the statues to make it across to the other side.

Pull the chain at the top to open the gate. Open the chest inside to receive a small key. Now we have everything we need to progress inside the castle, so dig back out the way we came in. Inside the room where the Dungeon Map was, climb up the ladder for a shortcut back to the other side of the area. Ignore the Bokoblins and Bulbin Archers, and use the door to get back out.

Walk all the way over to the middle of the area, and up to the front entrance to Hyrule Castle. If you need to get any potions or items, now is the time to do so. Otherwise, enter the castle.

22.4 Hyrule Castle; Compass; Big Key

Run to the front door of the castle and using the small key you got earlier to enter the castle. Run forward and yet another barrier is formed around you. Defeat the army of bokoblins that come charging at you. Then defeat several lizalfos that also come charging at you. After they are defeated, the torches in the room will light up and a treasure chest appears at a higher ledge.

Walk to the northwest area and there are a few steps that Link can climb. Do so and then use the clawshot to grab onto the chandelier. Drop down and open the treasure chest to get the compass. Use the double clawshots to grapple across several chandeliers to reach the northern balcony. Go through the door.

Walk forward and you’ll face off with another darknut. Battle him just as you’ve done before, using your sword techniques when applicable. Once defeated a treasure chest appears at the north end of the room. Stand at the area just below the treasure chest. Look at the wall at the east end of the room and you’ll see a lit torch. From this ledge, use the gale boomerang to put out the torch and the ledge will rise. Open the treasure chest to get a purple rupee.

You can travel either east or west from here, both of which lead to the same destination. The west path is easier as you will only fight a few dynalfos and solve a simple puzzle. However, the east path will lead to a few bonus treasure chests. Go east into the next room.

Defeat the two lizalfos that protect the door. Pull out the arrows and shoot down the ropes that hold the two paintings on the west wall. Hit the crystal switch that is behind the north painting and the gate will open. (Hitting the second crystal switch causes yellow chus to fall towards you.) Go through the door to the south.

Run down the hall and you’ll find two more darknuts. Defeat them both using similar methods. Equip the magic armor if you are having trouble. Once both enemies have been defeated two doors will open up. Go through the one at the northwest part of the room.

Turn to your left and there is a treasure chest here containing a purple rupee. Now step on the switch that is between two torches and another treasure chest appears at the balcony to the northeast. The treasure chest contains a silver rupee, which is worth 200 rupees, but you have to go through some trouble to get it. You must drop down to the floor below and then target the low hanging chandelier. Then target the chandelier that hangs above the treasure chest. You cannot get back to the southeast ledge from here so you’ll have to go back through the passage to the north.

If you decide to get the treasure chest, navigate your way all the way back to the room with the darknuts and then go trough the door at the southeast part of the room to get back out in the courtyard.

Run forward and you’ll see a gate with a treasure chest behind it. Several enemies come running out and multiple bulblin archers appear. Before Link can even battle them, they are all seemingly defeated. The resistance group that had gathered in Telma’s bar have come to help Link. With the enemies out of the way, run forward and open the treasure chest to get the big key.

Run back towards the door but now head up the path to get to the front side of Hyrule Castle. You’ll notice there is a locked door nearby. Keep running to the other end and you’ll see a second treasure chest on your map. Run towards it and a barrier blocks your path. Defeat the aeralfos that appears and then run to the treasure chest. Open it up to get a small key. Return to the area where we past over the entrance to Hyrule Castle. There is a locked door here. Use the small key to get back into Hyrule Castle.

22.5 The Final Showdown

Transform into wolf Link and defeat all the ghoul rats that attach themselves to your body. You’ll notice a bunch of ghost soldiers standing around, which are quite helpful. Many of the blocks in this room will cave in once you stand on them. However, the soldiers will point in the direction where the blocks are safe. Just look to see in which direction the soldiers are pointing and follow straight ahead. Go straight from the first soldier until you reach the second soldier. Repeat this process for all the ghost soldiers in the room until you reach the west side of the room.

Now walk up the narrow broken staircase. At the top, another barrier will be put around Link and two lizalfos wait for you. Defeat them and continue up some more broken stairs. You’ll need to use the small gratings that cover the little torches. Hook over from torch to torch to get past this section of broken stairs. At the top of the steps another barrier appears. Defeat two more lizalfos that wait for you.

Continue climbing the steps and there will be spinners on the railing. You will need to use your spinner to jump from rail to rail, while avoiding the three spikes that also use the rail. At the top of the steps, walk forward and yet another barrier appears. Defeat the darknut that is here and the barrier will disappear. Before going through the boss door, enter the side door if you got the small key from the graveyard. Inside, collect goodies ranging from 5 rupees to 200 rupees, and various items including bombs, arrows, and even deku seeds. When you’re done, open the boss door and head inside.

You’ll now be back outside near the top of Hyrule Castle. Climb the steps of the castle and enter over a blue carpet. This is the same area in which that scene that we saw earlier in the game, where Zant had taken control of Hyrule Castle. Link and Midna see Princess Zelda apparently asleep or dead. We then see Ganondorf, sitting on the chair, welcoming Link to his castle. A rather interesting cut-scene takes place between Ganondorf and Midna. After which, Ganondorf puts his power into Princess Zelda. Then the battle begins with Ganon’s Puppet ZELDA.

Ganondorf is the final boss of Twilight Princess. He was the one behind Zant, and the one who has caused trouble throughout Hyrule. He comes in 4 different forms, Puppet Zelda, Dark Beast Ganon, Horseback, and Dark Lord Ganondorf. Each of these forms will test you on the skills you’ve learned throughout the game, and we will help you use them to the best below.

Puppet Zelda will float around there air and unleash three attacks at Link. The first is a simple sword dash towards Link, which can be easily blocked with the shield. When she hits you though, you will lose your ability to Z-target her for a second. Puppet Zelda will also summon a giant golden triangle on the ground. If Link is standing in the area that is affected, he will lose health.

Puppet Zelda’s most common attack is when she will hold her sword in the air and summon a ball of light. She will then send this ball towards Link. Slash at the ball and it will moves back towards Princess Zelda. She will deflect it back towards you. Keep deflecting the ball back and forth and it will eventually hit Princess Zelda. Be careful as the ball moves faster and faster each time it is hit back towards Link. Repeat this same process until you’ve hit Puppet Zelda three times with the golden ball.

Midna will then use the power of the three fused shadows to break the curse on Princess Zelda, reviving her to her original form. Ganondorf will then use his power to transform into the Dark Beast GANON.

The weak spot of Ganon is the shining silver scar that is on Ganon’s belly. The battle will begin with Ganon running around the room, knocking down all the pillars that are in the way. Ganon will then disappear into a portal. Several red portals appear, but one of them eventually turns purple and Ganon will come running out of it. Once Ganon enters a portal, keep your back against the nearest wall and pull out the bow and arrow. When portals start appearing close to each other and there is a pulsing sound, Ganon is coming out. Once he appears, nail him with an arrow right in the forehead. He will be stunned so run on over and slash away at his scarred silver belly.

When Ganon is hit he will sometimes come out of a portal from above Link and land directly on you. Just quickly try to roll around to avoid him landing on you. Just repeat this process a few times and Ganon will catch on. Now, Ganon will jump into the air when you attempt to hit him with an arrow. Switch to Wolf form, and wait for him to come out of a portal. When he comes close, press A, and a fight of power will start with Ganon. Throw him over to a side and from here you can attack his weak spot until he’s finally defeated.

Midna will then fully revive Princess Zelda. After some chit chat between Princess Zelda and Midna, Ganon will awaken with a fire vision of his head. Midna will use the power of the fused shadows and warp Princess Zelda and Link out of the Castle. Midna then battles with Ganon. Next we see, Princess Zelda and Link are somewhere in Hyrule Field and Ganondorf appears, carrying the fused shadow that Midna wore on her head. Ganondorf summons an army and gallops towards Link and Zelda on his house.

Princess Zelda then summons the four Spirits of Light. After a short scene, Link and Zelda are both on top of Epona. Princess Zelda will try to slow Ganondorf down with her light arrows.

The battle begins with Ganondorf and it has a very similar feel to the first battle with King Bulblin. Ride around the field with Epona and try to stick as close to Ganondorf as possible. Z-target Ganondorf when you are close enough and Princess Zelda will shoot a light arrow. Once she hits Ganondorf he will be stunned. Quickly get over to where he is and slash away with the master sword.

Just keep following after Ganondorf, Z-targeting him so Zelda can stun him with a Light Arrow. After several hits, Ganondorf will fall off his horse onto the ground below. He will then get up and begin mocking Link with a laugh. He calls it an impressive looking sword, but nothing more. Ganondorf then pulls out his own blade and a barrier surrounds Link and Ganondorf. The final battle then begins with the Dark Lord GANONDORF.

The battle is a classic sword fight. Don’t bother trying to use the shield attack as it will only hurt you. The back slice is the best method for attack Ganondorf as he simply doesn’t block it very well. Once you connect with a back slice, slash repeatedly at Ganondorf until he blocks one of your attacks.

Ganondorf will do a variety of sword attacks, all of which can be easily avoided or blocked. Once of his attacks is a massive sword slash at Link. The A button will pop up with ‘Chance’ written on it. Press A and your swords will collide with each other. Press A repeatedly and Ganondorf will be pushed away and become vulnerable for a few seconds. Slash away with your sword a few times until he blocks your attack.

Just keep using the back slice to hit him. Back slice to your left (on the Wii version), because Ganondorf is left handed and that will keep you further away from his sword. Another very awkward but effective strategy involves the fishing rod. Toss the fishing rod and Ganondorf will look at it confused for a second. Then quickly slash at him with your sword and you should be able to hit him from the front. Once he has been knocked down, target him and finish him with a final blow.

With Ganondorf defeated, enjoy the lengthy cut-scene. Congratulations!

  • Karlitos

    To beat darknuts easily, just circle near them constantly. Don’t do any jumps. When they slash straight down, slash with your sword. Do this three times, then their armor comes off. Afterwards, back slice to break their defense and slash away. Do this twice. They’ll be defeated in a jiffy.

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    Yeah, I finally just pulled up a YouTube video. It wasn’t “outside the door,” as in outside the door that slides up to enter the whole western part of the courtyard. It was “outside the door,” as in the door that opens after you complete the Triforce-shaped puzzle. That was not clear in the walkthrough and will hopefully be fixed when the HD version of the walkthrough is put up.

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