Twilight Princess Walkthrough – Cave of Ordeals

21.1 50 Floors of Enemies

Now that we have collected every single item within the game, we can collect some of the last remaining collectables to gear ourselves for the final dungeon. Speak with Midna and warp to the Gerudo Mesa. The Cave of Ordeals is right next to the warp point. Run down the steps to enter the dungeon.

The Cave of Ordeals is a completely optional quest but it is necessary in order to fully complete the game, and specifically collect the final 3 Poe Souls.

The Cave of Ordeals consists of fifty floors which increase in difficulty greatly as you progress. They really do start off really easy and then get ridiculously hard. I highly suggest that you have four bottles filled with potion, have a good amount of bombs and arrows, already have the magic armor, and have nearly full rupees. Every 10th floor that you reach, Link will find a Great Fairy. Speaking with her will release fairies to various portions of Hyrule. Every 10th floor you will also need an item to progress. Since we have all the items, this is not a problem.

Rather than give in-depth strategy on how to defeat every enemy on every floor, I will just be giving a listing of which enemies appear on which floor. There are no new enemies in the Cave of Ordeals that we have not seen outside of the Cave, so there are no surprises. Run forward and drop down to what is the first floor of the Cave of Ordeals.

The Cave of Ordeals
Level Enemies Cool pictures of the bad guys for you
01 Bokoblin x1
Shooting down Deku Babas A puffed up Dodongo
02 Keese x3, Rats x3
03 Baba Serpent x4
04 Skulltula x3
05 Bulblin Archer x3
06 Fire Slug x9
07 Fire Keese x5, Dodongo x2
08 Tektite x6
Rat attack Clawing out a Chu Worm
09 Bulblin Archer x2, Lizalfos x2
10 Great Fairy #1 (Releases Fairies to the Ordon Spring)(Spinner Needed)
11 Helmasaur x3, Rat x15
12 Large Purple Chu x1
13 Chu Worm x4
14 Bubble x15
15 Bokoblin x10
The 58th Poe Soul A mass of Chus
16 Keese x8, Rat x8
17 Stalhound x10, Poe Soul x1
18 Leever x10
19 Purple Chu (They will combine)
20 Great Fairy #2 (Releases Fairies to the Faron Spring) (Ball & Chain Needed)
21 Bokoblin x5, Ice Keese x5
22 Keese x5, Rat x10, Ghoul Rat x10
Raided by Stalkin Super wolf!
23 Mini-Stalfos x30
24 ReDead x5
25 Bulblin x10, Bulblin Archer x3
26 Stalfos x3
27 Bubble x4, Skulltula x3
28 Lizalfos x2, Bokoblin x10
29 Fire Bubble x4, Stalfos x2, Mini-Stalfos x15
Tri Beamos lasers Fire squad
30 Great Fairy #3 (Releases Fairies to the Eldin Spring) (Dominion Rod Needed)
31 Beamos Statue x5, Keese x6
32 Fire Slug x5, Fire Keese x5, Dodongo x2, Fire Bubble x5
33 ReDead x4, Poe Soul x1
34 Ghoul Rat x10, Purple Chu (They will combine)
35 Ice Keese x6, Freezard x1
36 Chilfos x4
Frozen Darknuts
37 Ice Bubble x5, Leever x10
38 Ice Bubble x3, Ice Keese x3, Chilfos x4, Freezard x2
39 Darknut x2
40 Great Fairy #4 (Releases Fairies to the Lanayru Spring) (Double Clawshot Needed)
41 Armos Knight x9
42 Bokoblin x6, Baba Serpent x6
43 Lizalfos x5, Bulblin Archer x8
More chus Dynalfos attack
44 Dynalfos x4, Poe Soul x1
45 Bulblin Archer x2, ReDead x5, Purple Chu (They will combine)
46 Chilfos x3, Freezard x2, Ghoul Rat x10
47 Bokoblin x1, Mini-Stalfos x`5, Rat x10
48 Darknut x1, Aeralfos x2
49 Darknut x3 (x4 if played through a 2nd time)
50 Great Fairy #5  

As your reward for reaching the 50th floor, the Great Fairy will give you the Great Fairy’s Tears. Once completed the Cave of Ordeals you will appear at the Lanayru Spring. Walk up to the fairies and use any empty bottle to catch fairies.

21.2 Soul of Jovani

With our new found fairies in the bottle, talk to Midna and warp to Castle Town. Run into town as wolf Link and go to the south portion of Castle Town. Go to Jovani’s house and dig in through the hole in the ground. Walk up to him and speak with him. With all 60 Poe souls collected, Jovani will return to his normal self. Jovani award you with a Silver rupee, which is worth 200 rupees. From this point on whenever you speak with Jovani, he will give Link 200 more rupees. (It hardly seems worth it)

Run to the north part of town and you’ll see a cut-scene of Hyrule Castle. Midna will use the Fused Shadows fly and hit the walls repeatedly with it. A seemingly giant Midna will then awaken and use her power to destroy the Twilight that surrounds Hyrule Castle. The next we see, it begins to rain and Link is holding Midna in front of Hyrule Castle with the Twilight now gone.

Walk forward and push the door open to enter Hyrule Castle.

  • EpikHawtDawg

    On every floor, after you defeat the enemies, check around with wolf link’s senses to find dig spots. They usually have hearts or highly valuable rupees

  • Halt

    Looking back, I just realized that I died on the 49th floor.
    Then again, I had like 14 hearts, 2 fairies, the Tears, and that was it (apart from the items). Still, it’s pretty annoying to realize that I was so close, then BAM! 3 darknuts. I mean honestly, you can’t use anything against them because the moment you try, you are vulnerable and the other two will smash you.
    I can’t even imagine taking on 4 in that confined space…