Twilight Princess Walkthrough – Snowpeak Ruins

NOTE: This chapter is currently under construction and will be updated over the course of the next several days. Stay tuned for updates and in the meantime, if you need help, you can access the Snowpeak Ruins – Wii Version guide.

This chapter covers the normal mode of the HD version of Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii U. If you are playing on the Nintendo Wii, check out the Snowpeak Ruins – Wii Version.

15.1 Map of the Mansion

The Snowpeak Ruins is a giant mansion and unlike previous dungeons, you may find yourself traveling across the same rooms multiple times as you navigate your way through. Start off by heading straight ahead where you will find a Poe Soul. Defeat it just as you’ve done before.

Poe Soul #46: In the entrance room of the Snowpeak Ruins, run ahead to find the Poe Soul.

There are two doors that you can enter, but the one at the northwest corner just leads to a dead end. For now head straight ahead through to the next room. Run forward and speak with Yeta, who is the wife of Yeto who we met earlier. She is sick, but says that the Mirror is locked in the bedroom. She says that you need to find the Bedroom Key and will give you the Map of the Mansion. She indicates on the map a location where she thinks the Bedroom Key is located.

15.2 An Ordon Pumpkin?

Go through the door to the east and you will find Yeto. You can climb up and use your bottle to scoop up some Simple Soup, which will replenish two hearts. Staying in this room, if you walk over to the south end, you will find Ooccoo. As usual you can use Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr to warp in and out of the dungeon. Continue onward through the door to the north.

There is a floor switch at the south end of this room, along with two blocks you that you can push. Walk over to the large block near the the door you entered, and push that black to the east. Now run over to the other block in the room and push it West, South, East, and South so that it lands on top of the floor switch. This will unlock the door at the west end of the room, so head on through.

Turn into Wolf Link and dig into the snowy ground to get to the inner courtyard of the mansion. Here you will see the locked door to the bedroom above and the area is also surrounded by white wolfos. Open the nearby the treasure chest to get some rupees. Run northward and you’ll find another treasure chest buried beneath the snow. Dig it up using Wolf Link and open it to get a Small Key.

Travel through the door to the east and you’ll encounter some mini freezards. If you hit one, it will glid alone the ice and if it comes into contact with you, it will momentarily freeze you. Run ahead and use the small key on the locked door.

There are three more mini freezards here and you’ll have to defeat these ones to progress. Unfortunately right now your sword is still the best way to defeat them. Slash until they are defeated and then travel east through the door that has opened up.

Walk towards the door and you’ll be confronted by some new enemies known as Chilfos. These tall enemies will toss icicles at you that can deal some damage. The back slice sword technique works well in defeating them as they will block some of your frontal attacks. Once both Childfos have been defeated head through the door that has opened. Open the treasure to get an… Ordon Pumpkin? Clearly not the Bedroom Key that we are looking for.

Travel the through the door to the south to get back to the Ice Block room. Climb up and then jump back down to the room below. Travel through the door to the south and speak with Yeto. He can sniff out the Pumpkin that you got and it will knock you down to take it from you. He puts it into his soup, which now upgrades the soup to Good Soup. This will now replenish up to four hearts.

Walk back to the west a room and speak with Yeta. Clearly her memory is jumbled and this time she marks a new location on your map, at the north end of the Mansion.

15.3 The Compass

NOTE: This chapter is currently under construction and will be updated over the course of the next several days. Stay tuned for updates and in the meantime, if you need help, you can access the Snowpeak Ruins – Wii Version guide.

15.4 Ball and Chain

15.5 Some Hidden Heart Pieces

15.6 Bedroom Key

15.7 Twilit Ice Mass: Blizzeta

NOTE: This chapter is currently under construction and will be updated over the course of the next several days. Stay tuned for updates and in the meantime, if you need help, you can access the Snowpeak Ruins – Wii Version guide.

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    Update: Iron boots work too but the spinner is faster.

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    Alright,so I’m continuing the walkthrough. Sort of. This is just the basics, a mostly spoiler-free version without lots of extra details, just enough to get you through and to help you collect everything, maybe a few jokes here and there. That’s how I prefer to write, plus it’s faster and lazier. =P Sorry it won’t be matching the writing style up til now, but oh well.

    I’m not a mod, this is not the official walkthrough, this is just to tide readers by until the official one hopefully eventually gets updated sometime before the next Zelda comes out. I have volunteered to do the official walkthrough, but have gotten no response. If I did the official one I’d write it to match the rest of the walkthrough, but until then, this skeleton walkthrough is what you get. =P Sorry.

    No pictures, but if anything’s confusing or unclear, just ask. I’ll answer your question -and- update the walkthrough to be more clear for future readers.

    I don’t know what the original collection order intended was, so I’m gonna just wing it. Anything we miss we’ll go back and get and I’ll rewrite the previous section for better flow. This is also of course for HD-normal version, switch east-west and left-right if playing Hero.

    We’re gonna start at 15.3 where the guide is currently stopped at.

    Yeta will unlock the northern door, which you should head through.

    At the northwest corner, climb into a window-like opening, then head west through a door.

    Killing enemies isn’t required, but it will make it easier to carry the cannonball to the end of the pathway where you’ll find a cannon.

    Put the cannonball in the back of the cannon and drop a bomb in after it to fire it. Firing the cannon in the starting position opens the path to a chest with 5 bombs. Note that cannonballs do not get used up, look behind the chest and you’ll find it again and can take it back for another shot.

    Turn the cannon to face south, and shoot it again, and it will open the path to a door. Continue south.

    The ice keese can be taken out with arrows, the ice enemies can be shot with the clawshot to knock them off. Be careful when navigating this room, planks that are slanted and frosted with ice will drop you down, only walk on and jump to perfectly even planks that aren’t iced. In this room is Hylian Stamp B and the Compass, grab both. A clawshot target near the door makes a quick shortcut back, and then exit through the north door you entered from, and then back east and through the window. You should now be back in the courtyard.

    15.4 Ball and Chain

    The compass should help locate a treasure chest in this area that you’ll need to dig up as Wolf Link. Open it for a key, then use it to go through the door to the west.

    Next up we have a super fun mechanic to get cannonballs through doors since you can’t carry them when you open a door. Right next to the door we just came through, pull the switch, plop a cannonball, head through the door, pull the switch, grab the cannonball. This process will be used several times in this dungeon and will henceforth be called ‘bring the cannonball with you’ so I don’t have to repeat the instructions multiple times.

    So, to start, bring the cannonball with you back through the door you just came in, back into the courtyard once more.

    The cannon here starts off facing south, if you shoot a cannonball in that direction you can get a chest with some more bombs in it. Grab the cannonball behind the chest, and return and reload the cannon. Turn the cannon north, and shoot it to unlock the path to continue. Head through this door.

    Head north again through another door. Oh wait, fight time. The key to this fight is the clawshot. The entire ceiling is available to clawshot to, so don’t worry about taking the time to aim at one of the targets. Step one is to allow the guy to get closer, then clawshot to the other side of him. He will do an attack straight at you, which step two is to side-jump to avoid. You can then Step 3, attack his backside. Repeat steps 1-3 until he’s defeated. Pick up your reward, the ball & chain.

    Now you can actually head through the door to the north, and open the chest for some cheese. Just what you wanted. The ball and chain can knock the 3 statues in this room, and an enemy bubble will come out, which you can kill to get 100 rupees. Head south twice to get back to the familiar courtyard.


    The ball and chain can break ice that previously required a cannon shot. Pretty safe to say that for the rest of this dungeon, if you see ice, smash it. I’ll mention any ice you should probably smash, but feel free to smash it all if you want. For instance if you head back through the window in the northwest into that room, there’s some ice you couldn’t break before and you can get a chest with a red rupee. Return back to the courtyard, and then through the southern door back to Yeta’s room.

    Talk to Yeta, then head east and talk to Yeto. The soup now restores 8 hearts, which you might need after that big fight earlier. Now back to Yeta and talk to her again, then head west through the door she opens.

    Head through the northern door, and push the block. This opens up to a previously accessed area, but now you can bring cannonballs with you. Now for the part I like to call “fun with….” Y’know what, nevermind. Grab a cannonball and bring it back with you through the door you just came through, to the south.

    And just leave it there. The cannonball fun will actually happen later. Head up to the top of this room, destroying all the ice as you go with the ball & chain. The enemies in the middle will have to be attacked through the windows in their cells, which will require timing. At the top of the room, head through the door to the north.

    Kill the enemy to the left, smash the ice to the right. Now for the platform in the center, target it, then bang it with the ball & chain to start it swinging. Jump across to the chest (don’t try to jump while holding the heavy ball & chain, stuff it into the infinite weightless void of the bag of holding you have somewhere in your tunic), and get a key. Clawshot back and then back through the door we came in.

    Head to the northern section of the room but before you look around for puzzles, look down at the floor to see the weak spot. Bomb it and then drop down to get a piece of heart. I don’t know what number. Clawshot back up, and head through the eastern door.

    Smash the ice next to you. Bang the platform to get it swinging, then hop over and take out the enemy. Now for fun. To the south is a piece of heart. Time the platform banging to get over there. I recommend hitting the second platform away from you just as you are starting to head away from it, so that the two platforms will swing back together at the same time.

    After grabbing the piece of heart, drop down, where we have more optional stuff to collect. Three statues on either side of the south part of the room (near the entrance to the dungeon) can be knocked down in one hit and destroyed completely with a second hit, opening up two chests and a poe. This is Poe #47. One of the chests also holds Hylian Stamp Q. And to top it off, if you destroy all 6 statues, another bubble to kill that drops 100 rupees.

    Now head up the left stairs, clawshot back up, and bang your way over to the northeastern door, and continue.


    Smash the enemies, and then the ice on the east side. Oh look, a poe. Poe #48 in fact. Head through the door to the north.

    Look over on the far right side, and push the block. This makes a shortcut back up if needed. Which it will be very shortly. Like right now. Drop down.

    Break the ice on the switch and the block to make a new puzzle in a familiar room. There’s a couple ways to solve this. My preferred method, from the start:

    Start with the block that’s currently on a switch (the southernmost), and push it to the north.
    Next take the most northwest block in the corner, move it south, then east, then north, to stop against the first one.
    Back to the first block again, west, south, east, north, to bang against the second block and stop on the switch in the middle.

    (If you messed around with the blocks a bit to try to figure it out yourself, and then got stuck, then position all three blocks in the northernmost row, pushed to the west, so that they go 1-2-3, with the third block being in line with the two switches. From this setup, push the westernmost block south, then east. Push the new westernmost block south, east, then north. Then push the northernmost block west, south, east, north. Voila.)

    Now climb up the northeast corner to the second floor and head through the western door.

    Head north, defeating three enemies and jumping to the platform they’re on. Then clawshot through the crack in the wall further north, and head through the door to the east.

    In your eternal hatred of all things ice, smash the ice to the left as soon as you enter. Now bang the first platform, jump to it, bang the next, and then jump across to the chest, to get a key, then head through the door next to it.

    We were just here. Jump to the crates in the northeast corner, so that you can continue through the southern door on the second level. If you went through the correct door, the floor is covered in ice.

    Now open the locked door to the west, it’s the northern one of the two.

    In your obsession with destroying every last bit of ice life on the planet, kill any ice thing that bothers you in this room. Then head to the west side where you see blocks. To be lazy, rather than push them, bang them with the ball and chain.

    Through this little opening is a room we’ve been in before, with a cannon in the distance. Head over to the cannon and turn it to face east, or basically the only direction that doesn’t have a wall 2 feet in front of it.

    Head down the spiral ramp to find the cannonball that you abandoned and left alone in a cold, cold world, that’s been waiting patiently for your return, just like an inanimate object. It’s time for the fun with cannonballs. Well, just this one, actually. Grab it and run all the way back up the staircase, getting your exercise, and throw it in the cannon, and shoot it east.

    That was underwhelming. Stalk the cannonball which no longer seems to want your company into the room to the east. Bring it with you through the door to the north.

    Yes, that’s right, ice on the wall, it must die. After smashing the ice, grab the cannonball and throw it in the cannon.

    There’s really only one thing here to obviously aim at, which is the big ice enemy in the northwest corner. If you fire anywhere else, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time chasing after cannonballs to bring another one back through several doors, and a cannon shot, to get back to this spot. So don’t do that.

    After the enemy’s dead, drop down, head through the door to the west, and up the ladder, then into the door on the left.

    Kill all the enemies in here, and open the chest. Finally, in the last chest, in the last room, when the entire dungeon is over, we finally find the key Yeta mentioned two rooms into the dungeon. Whee.

    It’s now a long and arduous trek to the boss room. Head back through what’s left of the pews through the doors to the east.

    Woah. Hey Yeta. Creepy. Follow Yeta up to the boss door. (That’s right. FOLLOW. A gentleman lets a lady go first.)

    Assuming you are not a gentleman, and that you got impatient and ignored my directions, Yeta will suddenly be behind you (also creepy) as soon as you open the door. Boss fight time!


    Phase one, hit it with the ball and chain a lot, until it goes in the air.

    Phase two, dodge the ice as it falls, see reflection in ice for warning. If you really want to, you can smash some of the ice before it goes back up with ball and chain, although you’ve gotta be really quick and it leaves you holding the heavy ball and chain, not really worth it in my opinion. Repetitive rolling can help you keep your speed on the ice when evading.

    Then, go to the center of the room, and carefully look at reflection, while standing still. There will be a gap. Quickly face the gap, z-target to get your bearings, wait for the ice to fall, and then run like heck out from the circle through the gap (remember the rolling can help you keep speed). Then, when the boss drops, do a 180, z-target, and quickly throw the ball and chain before it goes back up. Repeat from phase two. Succeed twice and the fight’s over.

    Take the physical representation of romance without any apparent regret, remorse, or regard for the ramifications (or logic) behind said action, and then walk to Midna to warp out of there without waiting, before anything you don’t want to witness happens.

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          If there’s other mods available to copy this into the actual site, I’d be happy to rewrite it to match the style, so it’s less jarring of a transition. I was assuming that it would stay in the comments section only though.

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      I think you may have mistakenly wrote northern since the bomb-able floor is at the southern section of the room before you go east the room where you bang the chandelier.
      Other than that, this written section was great – also, “In your obsession with destroying every last bit of ice life on the planet”, that has got to be one of my favourite sentences in this whole guide

      • Thortok

        I noticed that myself when I was tweaking it at work but waited until I could come home and verify before editing. Good catch. Has now been edited.

        Glad someone appreciates my snarky humor. =D I find a spoiler-free walkthrough with humor to be more enjoyable than a spoiler-filled one without it, but maybe that’s just me.

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            As for me, I will be writing my version of a walkthrough for the rest of the game and posting it in the comments section for each chapter. I’m aiming for a chapter a day but I don’t promise I’ll make it. Hopefully it’ll be useful to some since this guide was never finished.

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            Is there any reason for the delay? The first time there was a delay I was worried something had happened to the author, but it was just a differing set of priorities, so I figured that’s what it was this time, too. =(

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    • Thortok

      I just posted a walkthrough for the rest of this dungeon literally 6 minutes ago. It’s not as fleshed out as the site’s walkthrough would be, but hopefully it’ll help you finish this dungeon.


    How is it that only one person has the ability to update the walkthrough? Can’t be the only one playing this and fixing up this walkthrough…

    • Mick

      I’m fixing the walkthrough as I go, maybe loads of people are. I think the hard thing is using ZD for walkthroughs for so long and now sort of being abandoned. Thortoks’s walkthrough updates will be really useful for anyone not playing Twighlight Princess before. Me – I’m just playing from memory plus a list of stamps I found. But if I’d just bought the game for the first time I’d be really upset at no walkthrough being available other than the Game Cube version at least being the right way round.

      • xXTERMIN8RXXx

        Yeah, I’ve played and completed on Wii when it originally came out, and although I do remember a good amount, it’s been 10 years and I’m just wanting a 100% completion. Yeah, will be using his now.

        • Mick

          I can’t do City in the Sky from memory, it’s all over the place. Need the walkthrough for that, and for some of the dig-caves with stuff in.

          • Thortok

            City in the sky is up next for me to do a walkthrough for it. Mondays are low on free time for me so probably tomorrow I’ll get it done. Sorry I didn’t finish up this last weekend like I was hoping. =(

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            You’re doing a great job. They should let you edit these pages

          • Thortok

            I’ve offered. Multiple times. =P And while I enjoy my spoiler-free-with-jokes style, if I did actually work on the official one, I’d make it match the style that’s already there. I could even take the pictures for it.

            I can only speculate why they haven’t taken me up on that offer. Could be I’m unlikable, could be the risk of letting a stranger have admin access to the site is too great cause I might (accidentally or on purpose) mess up the site and crash it or something. Could be a legal issue if everyone else that works on the site is paid and I’d just be a volunteer. Could be a pride thing as far as the original author wanting to finish the job and not let anyone else do it. Could be all the other admins having faith in the original author as well.

            Could be all kinds of things. =/ All I know is, I’ve offered. =P And in the meantime, posting in the comments section works well enough for me, to finish the game and move on. =P

          • Josh

            Could be that to work on the site you’d have to talk to the guy who’s currently not writing the walkthrough.

          • Thortok

            Could be. Could be anything. =D

            I have replied directly to him with offers and if I remember correctly only really got “I appreciate the offer, thanks for all the help you’ve given” as a response. -shrug-

            I’ve probably already been tactless when discussing the subject and if I’ve hurt anyone’s feelings, I apologize.

            However, ultimately it boils down to the author doesn’t think it’s worth writing at this time, and the readers are upset it hasn’t been written.

            As far as my place in things, I just want to finish the game, and given my writing ability, also happy to help with proofreading or outright writing the walkthrough. Given my history of having written walkthroughs in the past, proofreading or even writing one from scratch while playing through the game costs me almost no time at all and I’m happy to do it.

            So since I’m no longer patient enough to wait for the site to update so I can proofread it, I may as well write what remains as I complete it, and that’s where we are now. =D

            I just think it’s a poorly made decision to leave the readers lacking midway. But it’s not my site, so, I’ll just bite my tongue there and just keep doing what I’m doing. =P

            At the end of the day, we’re all just here to enjoy Zelda games, so let’s just get back to doing that.

          • Mick

            That’s a relief Thortok, that level is a nightmare, no logic. Oh and those stupid hand things in the level after that – so frustrating. Still, I go back to the game over and over, but really like this version best. Got it first on Game Cube.

          • Thortok

            City in the sky is my favorite for this game. When I write the walkthrough for it, I’ll try to point out the ‘clues’ and ‘logic’ that the game is using as hints for the dungeon flow. The main issue is that it uses the third dimension a bit too much so you have to think up and down in addition to forward/back/left/right, and often have to look up or down to see the ‘clues’ and hints. (Same reason most people don’t like Water Temple from Ocarina of Time.)

            Wish I could do it tonight, as I’m really looking forward to doing it on HD, but Mondays are my busy days, unfortunately. =( By the time I get home I’ll be too zonked to do naught but fall into bed. -Maybe- I’ll get a chance to leave early and get enough time to get the chapter done, but probably not. =/

  • Josh

    Sorry to say, I’m done with this site. I gave it a good try. So long.

  • Paul Gasper

    I was last on here mid May. It’s now July 2nd and only a few sections of Chapter 15 were updated. I am highly, highly disappointed in the ZD guide portion after these years of being so reliable. And I can’t see as how a reissued game can be this difficult to update. I counted on this to let my viewers watch me whip through TPHD and move along, but instead of a planned few weeks of playing it’s been a few months. Now I have no choice but to complete the game at my own pace and most likely not at 100% so I can just stick a fork in TPHD and not dilly dally anymore. Past efforts appreciated. RIP ZD TPHD guide.

    • Thortok

      For what it’s worth, if you look in the comments section, I have posted a continuation of the walkthrough. It continues from the point where the main guide stopped, and will still be 100%, and I plan to finish it before Tuesday. Does that help?

      • Paul Gasper

        Wow I see that now. And the additional commentary for the next chapter. All the other talking here and I agree someone should have let you legit update the guide when you offered. Such foolishness on their part! A+++ for your efforts and I thank you. I will Twitch today knowing I can get more in and will sing your praises, kind sir.

  • Ok you know the term construction is not to be taken like if you are doing road construction right? Why has there been no communication from the author or management of this site on why this is taking so long?