Zelda Dungeon Talks: Are You More Likely To Buy The New Zelda On Wii U, Or NX?

With Nintendo recently revealing some information on the NX and what was long called Zelda U, there have been many mixed reactions from fans. Basically Zelda U won’t be Wii U exclusive, it will also be releasing on the NX. For me personally I don’t really care as I will be without a doubt purchasing both day one but for the fans out there who bought a Wii U mainly for the new Zelda game, then they may feel slightly betrayed. We don’t have any information on what the NX version of the game will be like but it will most likely just end up being a slightly enhanced port of the Wii U version. If they completely improve the textures and overall beauty of the game for NX then that would be awesome but I really don’t see that happening. So what system will you be getting the new Zelda on? Wii U or NX?

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Gossip Stone: What Does Zelda Wii U’s 2017 Delay and Dual Release Mean for Nintendo?

ChCD3IuWIAA9pjjThat’s right, everybody. The salt is real. With a single destructive Tweet from Nintendo , the internet has once again been smashed to bits by Nintendo’s rather questionable development practices. Last week’s reveal that Zelda Wii U will not be out until at least the NX’s March 2017 release, and that it will be dual-releasing on it and the Wii U, hit fans hard, and unlike the previous delays and such, this news seems to say a lot more than usual about the state of the Wii U, and about Nintendo’s current decision-making. Zelda Wii U’s development timeline has been an active one, for sure, but this latest news, as well as past ones, are raising some questions. How must they view the Wii U after making these choices, and what should we, the buyers, think of them for it?

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My Zelda Story: Kevin O’Rourke, The Real Legend

IMG_0595What is the Legend of Zelda to you? Is it simply a game that you enjoy to pass the time with, or is it something more meaningful? Have you been enjoying journeys through Hyrule for most of your life, or have you only recently tried you hand at your first adventure as Link, the hero in green? We all have our stories, playing these games, finding inspiration from them and always wishing for more adventures to enjoy on the latest Nintendo hardware.

The Legend of Zelda series is such a staple in Nintendo’s history and has had a long run of unique games across all of Nintendo’s consoles. Everyone who has played a Zelda game has a different opinion, whether they enjoy 3D or 2D, handheld or console. These reflective articles aim to offer gamers from different paths, ages and backgrounds opinions on the series and their own memories with the series. My Zelda career started with Ocarina of Time and before the dawn of the Internet as we know it. My Zelda Story transforms from a player with minimal investment into one of the casual speedrunners for the Zelda Dungeon Marathon team.

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ZD Top 5 – Methods of Fast Travel

No matter how lovely a game world can be, sometimes you just need to get somewhere and need to do it fast. In this week’s ZD Top 5, there is no time for sight-seeing. We need to save Hyrule and we haven’t a moment to lose! Join us as our staff rattles off their lists of top five methods of fast travel throughout the Zelda series. Read more…

Zelda Dungeon Talks: Should a Zelda Title Implement an Online Time-Based Event System?

Though it isn’t territory that the Zelda series has deeply explored, online and time-based multiplayer events have been seen in a number of successful games of late. Some of the more popular titles that have utilized this mechanic are Bloodborne and Destiny, but could the Legend of Zelda capitalize on this new trend? It’s expected the series would likely have new dungeons, battles, or other events that would be scheduled to occur worldwide at specific times and dates. This isn’t the norm for a Zelda game so whether it would be too out of place or if implemented correclty be a success is up for interpretation.

For this reason, the Zelda Dungeon Staff this week was asked to weigh in on the subject, should a Zelda title implement an online time-based event system? Don’t forget to give us your take on the idea in the comments!

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Gossip Stone: What Could Nintendo Use As Their Big Zelda Wii U Marketing Platform?

E3-Analysis-Nintendo-5Zelda Wii U is almost guaranteed to be releasing this year, what with Nintendo’s latest – and rather adamant – clip of the game, with a big ol’ “2016” plastered in front of Link. That basically means that we can expect Nintendo reveal a metric ton of info on the game this coming E3, followed by a bunch of advertising and marketing for the game. After all, as Nintendo’s biggest franchise, beyond Mario, Zelda deserves no less. That being said, what will they do? How will they let the world know that this is the game that will “change the conventions of Zelda”, and bring the series to new and amazing places?

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Imagining the Legend of Zelda as a Real Time Strategy Game


The Legend of Zelda series has recently expanded into other genres and Nintendo has been more open with their prized intellectual property in terms of who can work on their storied franchise. Hyrule Warriors takes The Legend of Zelda into the gametype of Dynasty Warriors. While not a true ‘Legend of Zelda’ title, it features a huge cast of characters from The Legend of Zelda series and could be the stepping stone for Nintendo to create a new game in a vastly different genre.

This article can be considered a companion piece to the previous ZD Talks which asked our news staff which asked which game genres could The Legend of Zelda series follow. Hit the jump for more on how Zelda could expand into the RTS genre. Read more…

ZD Top 5 – Bosses from Twilight Princess

hqdefaultWith the release of Twilight Princess HD, many of us were able to relive one of the series’ greatest adventures, and that means we got fight through its bosses with new eyes. As one of the Zelda games with the most bosses, there were a lot to choose from when picking favorites, and a number of them are some of the most memorable Zelda has to offer, so this week, the ZD staff has gone through all the main dungeon bosses and chosen those we think are the game’s absolute best.

As usual, we would love to hear from all of you, so make sure to hit up the comments with your own lists of best bosses from Twilight Princess! But first, hit the jump for a look at our own choices! Read more…

Zelda Dungeon Talks: Would You Like To See Zelda Spawn It’s Own Novel Series?

The Legend Of Zelda is a series with a very rich and deep narrative. The story behind each game and how they link together is truly one of the chains that make the series whole. To be completely honest I think a Zelda novel series would be great. I imagine that the best way they could do it would make a book for each game, going chronologically starting from Skyward Sword. If this was the way they decided to go then the timeline split would make the series even more interesting to read. All in all, I honestly think this is a great idea.

In this week’s edition of Zelda Dungeon Talks, various staff members will share with us whether or not they think a Zela novel series is a good idea and why they believe so. As always feel free to share you own opinion in the comments. Read more…

Gossip Stone: What Kinds of New Races Would You Like to See in Zelda Wii U?

RacesZelda Wii U is getting to be a bigger and bigger source of discussion the closer we get to this year’s E3, and for good reason. It stands as a major poont for Nintendo’s presence at the conference, and we can undoubtedly expect trailers, screenshots and game details come the press conference/digital event. We will finally learn the in’s and out’s of this prolific new title, including what kinds of creatures will be seen in it. Many new Zelda games have made a point of adding a new race or two to the already large number of creatures in the series, and Zelda Wii U will likely do the same, so what kinds of creatures/tribe can we expect?

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Revisiting Phantom Hourglass: Prelude to the Temple of Courage

salvage_armWelcome back to Revisiting Phantom Hourglass, the series in which I go through this oft-forgotten DS title with a critical eye, looking for not only why it was forgotten, but why it should be remembered. In this installment, we make another trek through the Temple of the Ocean King, yell at an elderly gentleman, and spin some statues on our way to the Temple of Courage and, with it, the final spirit we need.

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ZD Top 5 – Items from The Minish Cap

legend-of-zelda-minish-cap-link-ezio-gust-jarIt may not be the most popular or well known game in the Zelda canon, but The Minish Cap stands in many gamers’ memories as a unique, worthwhile title that often doesn’t get its due. This week, we decided to reflect on the game by asking Zelda Dungeon staff to rank their Top 5 items from the game.

Which items do you most fondly remember from The Minish Cap? Did you love or loathe kinstones? Where is Vaati these days? As always, leave your own lists in the comments.

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Zelda Dungeon Talks: What Zelda Attractions Would You Want to See At Universal Studios?

roller While we’ve still got quite awhile to wait for Nintendo’s attractions at Universal to be all wrapped up and ready for the public, it’s safe to say that at least one Legend of Zelda themed structure will be included. Being an Action-Adventure series with dungeons, shops, castles, and mini-games galore Universal has quite a bit to work with. Crafting the perfect Legend of Zelda attraction is sure to bring in patrons, so let’s find out just what rides, restaurants, gift-shops, or homages to the series the Zelda fanbase is really clamouring for.

In this week’s ZD Talks the staffers provided their dream-Universal-Zelda-attractions. After reading, let us know in the comments what you’re hoping to see brought to life at Universal!

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Gossip Stone: What Do You Expect From the Upcoming Hyrule Warriors DLC?

Hyrule-Warriors-Legends-MedliIn close to two months, we’ll be getting a much-anticipated E3, and boy does Nintendo seem to be leading up to an impressive showing. They appear to be making big plans for Zelda specifically, celebrating the 30th anniversary properly, and talking about all the things we’ve been waiting for – Zelda Wii U, new merchandise, and of course, more Hyrule Warriors DLC. The official Hyrule Warriors site has a full list of upcoming downloadable content packs, as well as hints as to what we will see from them, including new weapons and new characters. It can be assumed that at least one of the new packs will be revealed at E3, so what do you think will be revealed? What new characters will be added, and what kinds of weapons will be wielded?

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ZD Top 5 — Zelda-esque Games

Okami-HD_1Even though currently “retro-style” games are a big deal, developers have been taking notes from their colleagues’ play books for about as long as games have been around. After all, Doki Doki Panic on the Famicom was close enough to Mario to be called Super Mario Bros 2 in the west. This week on ZD Top, we had our staff look through their game catalogue for their favorite Zelda-inspired games.

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