Announced via Nintendo’s official Zelda X account, a Tears of the Kingdom Master Works book will be coming to Japan on August 30th, 2024. This stunning 464-page A4 hardcover book will include artwork, storyboards, and design concepts from Tears of the Kingdom, as well as comments from the game’s developers.

The book will have three sections exploring the creation of the Tears of the Kingdom universe from the perspectives of art, materials, and story, respectively. Nintendo promises to give readers a unique insight into its approach to the development of the characters, the landscape, and this incarnation of Hyrule.

Tears of the Kingdom Master Works will feature original sketches of characters like Link, Zelda, Rauro, and Sonia, storyboards for the “Dragon’s Tears” sequences, and more. This book should offer a fantastic understanding of the evolution of Tears of the Kingdom from the initial concept to the final release. Nintendo has also advised that the book will include a “new history of Hyrule based on the settings at the time of production and the content presented in this work.”

The Tears of the Kingdom Master Works book is currently available for preorder (Japan only) for 6,930 yen on the Nintendo website right here.

While Nintendo offered no news about a release outside of Japan, it is safe to assume that this Master Works book will be localized for other regions in the future. The Breath of the Wild Master Works book that released in Japan in late 2017 eventually made its way to other regions as Breath of the Wild – Creating a Champion the following year.

Are you excited about this Master Works book? Will you be ordering a copy if it is made available in your country? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: ZeldaOfficialJP

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