Nicole Scott

    Junior Editor

    Location: Hagerstown, Maryland
    Favorite Zelda: Skyward Sword
    Date Joined: February 2024

    May the light illuminate your path. - Kass

    Nicole Scott is a writer and a longtime fan of the Zelda series. It started in the winter of 2006, when her father waited overnight outside of a Best Buy to obtain a Wii and a copy of Twilight Princess. Ever since, she has been on a quest to complete them all. Her adoration of the franchise has led to multiple cosplays, baking a Korok cake, seeing the Symphony of the Goddesses, and creating Zelda mini-zines, among other ventures. She is thrilled to be a part of the community in a new way with Zelda Dungeon.

    When she isn’t talking herself out of needing to 100% complete every game she plays, she spends her free time writing poetry, doing puzzles, baking sweets, seeing live music, trying to speedrun, and riding roller coasters. She lives with her partner and two probably-alien cats, Tizo and Alarielle.

    Her other favorite games include other Nintendo IPs like Mario, Animal Crossing, and Kirby. She is also an indie fanatic, with A Hat in Time, Tunic, To the Moon, and anything by Supergiant at the top of her list. However, if it weren’t for Zelda, her favorite series would be the original Spyro trilogy, sparking her love of collectathons and 3D platforming.

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