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Mubs is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Mubs runs the Lurelin General Store, found at the docks of Lurelin Village. Mubs always has a very positive vibe, thanking Link for coming by to her store, and welcoming him to return later on.[1][2] She will usually comment on the weather or the time of day.[3][4][5] However, regardless of the time or weather, her store stays open, 24-hours a day.


  1. Heeey! Welcome You're a new face! Fresh fish! Just recently caught! Take a look! - Mubs
  2. Come again! I'll be waiting! - Mubs
  3. Heeey! Welcome! Thanks for coming by on such a rainy day! Fresh fish! Just recently caught! Take a look! - Mubs
  4. Heeey! Welcome! Know what sounds good on such a hot day? Some fish! What do you think? - Mubs
  5. Heeey! Welcome! I just got fresh stuff in this morning! - Mubs