Breath of the Wild Elixirs

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Hearty-elixir.png Hearty ElixirRestores you to full health and increases your maximum hearts. The additional hearts are lost as you take damage.
Mighty-elixir.png Mighty ElixirGrants a might effect, which strengthens your body and mind to boost your attack power with all weapons.
Tough-elixir.png Tough ElixirGrants a toughness effect, which fortifies your bones to strengthen your defense. Best to use before facing off against hard-hitting enemies.
Hasty-elixir.png Hasty ElixirGrants a haste effect, which boosts your movement speed while running, swimming, or climbing.
Energizing-elixir.png Energizing ElixirRestores your stamina, which is used when performing physical actions such as climbing walls or swimming.
Enduring-elixir.png Enduring ElixirRestores stamina and temporarily extends your Stamina Wheel. The additional stamina will disappear as it's used.
Spicy-elixir.png Spicy ElixirGrants a warming effect, increasing your resistance to cold environments. Very useful when exploring snow-covered mountains.
Chilly-elixir.png Chilly ElixirGrants a cooling effect, raising your body's resistance to heat. Crucial for long journeys through the desert.
Fireproof-elixir.png Fireproof ElixirGrants a fireproof effect, which prevents your body from catching fire. Be sure to pack this when venturing out to explore Death Mountain.
Sneaky-elixir.png Sneaky ElixirGrants a stealth effect, which calms the nerves and silences footfalls. Allows you to move about undetected by monsters and animals.
Electro-elixir.png Electro ElixirGrants a resistance to electricity. Useful against enemies with electrical attacks.
Fairy-tonic.png Fairy TonicThis powerful elixir harnesses the power of fairies. It has a sweet fragrance.