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A beast and a legend..

Games Completed

Every single Zelda game. Favorites being MM, AoL and TMC. You can expect me to know quite a lot about those particular games, But in general I have a pretty good overall knowledge for all of the Zelda games. If there is something I don't know, something big I'll just do some research, If it's a small thing I'm not sure about I leave it to the patrollers to fix.


I like to write new pages from scratch, That means I'll just pick a subject and find as many pictures and information about it as possible. Make a draft in Word then polishing on the wiki until I'm happy. Usually doesn't take me more than an hour to write 5k+ words, add pictures and structure everything nicely. I'll occasionally expand stub pages or add text to already existing big pages if I feel like it, Although I almost never scout random pages for inconsistencies.


  • Been contributing since October '11 and will never stop!
  • Been on this site since '05 and will never leave!