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  • Find me on Discord.
  • Write on my talk page.

What I do

I can script bulk edits. Talk to me if you need something done and we'll see if it is feasible.

Current projects

  • Trying to map subregions for botw. See User:Zaz/Regions
  • Verifying and cleaning botw map data, mainly using scripting.

Future projects

Unless someone else gets to it first.

  • Create pages for all redlinks on Hyrule Compendium.
  • Add Location sections for all pages linked from Hyrule Compendium. Use the mrcheeze map to find best locations.
    • More than one location can be listed, but all locations need not be listed.
    • Locations close to teleportation points are preferred.
    • Locations containing an abundance of resources are preferred.
  • Fix the location pages list of materials vs. materials pages list of locations problem. - Can we generate the one list of data from the other?
  • Cleanup cooking mechanics page. Add example recipes for most common meals and elixirs.