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Hi! I created my ZD wiki account quite recently. I've only made one page so far, but I made lots of edits. Mostly typo fixes. The games I completed are The Legend of Zelda, Link's Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, The Wind Waker, The Minish Cap, Twilight Princess, and A Link Between Worlds.

To Do

This is just my progress so far on new pages, pages that I want to go back to and edit, etc.

Note: Continue editing Ambi's Palace page later.
Finish Shard of Agony page

{{Infobox|boss | image = [[File: Gemasaur_King.jpg]] | caption = | title = | threat = | attack = | weapon = [[Bombs]] <br/> [[Sword]] | game = {{zelda|lbw|l}} | dungeon = [[Dark Palace (A Link Between Worlds)|Dark palace]] | reward = [[Hear COntainer]] <br/> [[Gully]] Painting }} The Gemasaur King is a boss of the [[Dark Palace (A Link Between Worlds)|Dark palace]] in {{zelda|lbw|l}}. It is very similar to the [[Helmasaur King]] from {{zelda|lttp|l}}. [[Link]] needs to light the torches in the room to start the battle. ==Boss Strategy== The first phase is simple. All Link needs to do is throw bombs at the beast. Its armor will start to crack. After some hits with the bombs, Gemasaur King's armor and helmet will break, revealing a red weak spot. The next thing Link needs to do should be obvious: slash at it. But the King isn't going to let it be that easy. It will roar, extinguish the torches, and run around the room. The black aura around the Gemasaur King makes it invulnerable. Link should merge into the wall next to a torch and wait until the beast passes. Then he needs to quickly merge out, light the torch, and repeat for the other torch. Doing so will light the room and cause the aura to disappear. NOW Link can slash at the red weak spot. Eventually, the King will regenerate its armor. Link needs to repeat the process until the Gemasaur King is defeated. The mask on the wall will then crack open revealing Gulley. {{Gallery/Box|file=059-.png|link=|caption=Light the torches...}} {{Gallery/Box|file=|link=|caption=throw bombs...}} {{Gallery/Box|file=|link=|caption=}} {{Gallery/Box|file=|link=|caption=}}