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Hi, I am TERMINAlvelocity. I joined this website because it is very interesting and because I have some knowledge of the Legend of Zelda series that might help this website grow.

I have a Youtube channel where I talk about Zelda as well as a couple of other series (Dragon Quest, Metroid, Mario, Mother, etc.), if you would like to check that out go to (

My favorite Zelda Games are: - Twilight Princess - Skyward Sword - Breath of the Wild - Majora's Mask - Link to the Past

My favorite parts of the Zelda series are: - Dungeons - Music - Story/Lore - Characters

My favorite Zelda songs are: - Title Theme (Twilight Princess) - Title Theme (Ocarina of Time) - Dark Mountian and Forest (Link to the Past) - Hyrule Field (Twilight Princess) - Color Dungeon (Link's Awakening 2019)

So far I have 100% completed: - The Legend of Zelda (1st and 2nd Quest) - The Adventure of Link - A Link to the Past - Link's Awakening 2019 (Normal and Hero mode) and Link's Awakening DX - Ocarina of Time - Majora's Mask - Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons - Four Swords - The Minish Cap - Skyward Sword (Normal and Hero) - Breath of the Wild (Normal and Master Mode)