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Forum May 10th 2012


Hi i'm Noop3451 I am the 1263rd User to join the wiki.

Personal Stuff

This is the stuff I use a bit. You can use it too (If ya want) 8P. But DO NOT use MY Sandbox please, thank you! My signature page is User:Noop3451/Sig if you want you can copy the coding but make sure you change the user name and stuff then that would be confusing Lol!


Main article: User:Noop3451/Sandbox

Tips for noobs

If you're a noob like I was until a few months ago feel free to read these tips I developed during noob-hood.

Tip 1

Always use Templates (I still use them)!

Tip 2

Look at the edits on cool pages so you can see how things are done, WELL! Also, it helps understand things (that you already know) better.

Tip 3

Have Fun, don't do this if you don't enjoy editing very much.


The current games I own are:
The Legend of Zelda = 3DS Virtual Console
The Adventure of Link = 3DS Virtual Console
Ocarina of Time + master quest = Wind Waker Pre-Order set
Majora's Mask = Wii Virtual Console
Four Swords = DSiWare
The Wind Waker = GameCube
The Minish Cap = 3DS Virtual Console & GBA
Twilight Princess = Wii
Phantom Hourglass = DS
Spirit Tracks = DS
Skyward Sword = Wii