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Joined Zelda Dungeon in April of 2015 as Editor In Chief.

Lover of all things Japanese, Nintendo, and it goes without saying Zelda! I started my fascination with video games at a very young age with The Legend of Zelda and it has stuck with me ever since. Although my gaming tastes have continued to evolve and I have moments that I become obsessed with a certain title or genre, the Zelda series has always been there, in a special place in my heart. Another passion of mine is writing, there exists something in this medium of communication that has always inspired me, so about a year ago I decided to merge my love for gaming and writing. This is what lead me to join the team at Zelda Dungeon. For me life is complete so long as no matter where I am in the world I can either write or play video games, and maybe take some pictures too for I fancy myself a photographer.

If you want to know more here are some absolutely shameless plugs! Website: [1] Twitter: [2]