Twilight Princess Glitches and Techniques

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Glitches and Techniques

  • Rupee Text Skip
  • Super Slide
  • Input Storage
  • Infinite Soup
  • Dash Cancel
  • Quick Climb
  • Swim with Water Bombs
  • Long Jump Attack
  • Super Jump
  • Early Boss Fights
  • Gate Unloading
  • Epona Slide
  • Text Displacement

Infinite Bombs and Arrows

Many have tried in vain to finish the Cave of Ordeals, a 50 floor dungeon set underneath the Bridge of Eldin in the Gerudo Mesa. This dungeon was grueling in difficulty, offering only a few spots for healing, and topping it off with a battle against 3 Darknuts. Many arrows and bombs have been wasted in this dungeon. But what if there was a way to, so to speak, break the system? Well, that is what I am here to inform you about.


Step 1

While in wolf form, teleport to Lake Hylia. When there, play the bird game, but immediately after you start, crash into a wall and lose. You will be informed of how lame that was, and if you want try again. Say no.

Step 2

Transform to Link. Walk to the left (to the right on the GameCube), and into the water. While swimming, use your clawshot, and while aiming, swim into the wall ahead of you. This may be tricky to pull off, and is the hardest part of the glitch. Once on the other side, just keep swimming until you fall down.

Step 3

When you awaken, Plumm (the bird) will ask if you want to try again. This is because when you fell, the game thought you were playing the flying-fruit minigame. Say you want to play again, and just repeat step one. When you lose, instead of reappearing by Plumm, you will awaken in the middle of Iza's canoe course.

Step 4

Transform back to a wolf at this point, and jump into the river. The screen will go black, and then be filled with random lines!! This is actually the scene where the Zora accompanies Link to the end with the canoe, but since you are using Wolf Link, the game glitches.

Step 5

Tell the Zora you want to play again, and you will be transported back to the starting point. Once the timer starts, simply warp to any location (don't press your luck- I warped to the Gerudo Mesa which worked, but if you want to test out other locations, be aware it might not work).

Step 6

Enjoy the fruits of your labor as you get to exploit this glitch in the Cave of Ordeals, or even through the rest of the game. IMPORTANT- Once you shut off the game (or finish a boss battle), the glitch will have to be executed again.

Boomerang Long Jump

This is a Popular glitch that only works with the GameCube version of the game. It is only executable over voids (e.g. high ledges or infinite pits). Yes, now you can skip getting the other 3 monkeys in the Forest Temple.
In order to work this glitch, you need to have good timing, and that means really, really, good timing. First, aim the boomerang, and target by pressing the R button. Then, throw the boomerang. While the boomerang is in the air, quickly get out your sword, and wait until the boomerang is where you want it to be (or somewhere near). Then, simply press A to cause Link to perform a jump attack, which will make the game glitch and send link flying forward.
If done properly (and with an insane amount of practice), you can find all sorts of great places to use this. Unfortunately, as stated above, this only works for the GameCube version. Wii players (including myself) will have to complete the game the normal way.

Cannon Room Glitch

Warning: Do this on a file you do not care about, as this glitch is "non-refundable"!

If you don't want to wait until much later in the game, there is a way of getting into the room in Renado's basement earlier, as seen below
Once you have access to the room with the cannon, instead of warping it out, save your game and quit. When you come back on, you will not be able to warp out of the room, since Midna will say that Shad is watching. If you try to leave the room, a mysterious force will block the way. Bummer! The only other option is to delete your file and start again.

~Apparently~ This only works on earlier versions of the game, since Nintendo has fixed this in the newer versions (such as the Nintendo Selects copies).

Early Master Sword

This trick takes lots and lots of practice. Don't be surprised if it takes a really, really, long time!

In order to pull this one off, you have to have collected the sword and shield in the beginning of the first twilight encounter. Then, make your way all the way to the forest temple (where the piece of the Kakariko Gorge bridge is located), and a shadow beast encounter will commence. This is your shot, so don't miss it! You need to be on the "south" of the area that you are in (or somewhere near it). Look on the map if you can't figure out where you are going. Start the "field" attack while facing the wall, and let go of the button. If you did it correctly (there must be a shadow beast between you and the wall), you should have landed on the wall. Now, just keep running through the scenery (yes, through the walls) in the direction of the Sacred Grove -to the NE on the Wii, NW on the GCN- and eventually, you should fall onto the ledge that leads to the lost woods. The rest plays out the same, so enjoy!

~Apparently~ Nintendo might have also fixed this one! Don't hesitate to try it out though.

Early City in the Sky

This is a fairly easy trick to pull off. If you finished the Snowpeak Ruins (since you must get the ball and chain to progress later), you can skip the next temple, the Temple of Time, entirely! Since the item there is only required to unlock the City in the Sky, you can skip it. The game automatically assumes you got the Temple of Time's mirror shard after acquiring the City in the Sky mirror shard.
To pull this off, simply turn into a wolf, and walk into the right side on the Wii (left side on NGC) of the owl statue in Renado's basement. Then, turn into human form, and you will be pushed into the room with the cannon. Just warp it to Lake Hylia, and presto- you can skip an entire dungeon.

Freeze Gorons

No, not that kind of "freeze," but if you put a rock on a Goron (after having beat the Goron mines) when he rolls up for you to climb on his back, he will not be able to get up! Go figure.

Run on Magnetic Ceilings

Note: This only works on the Wii version.

When going through the Goron Mines, you probably wanted to shoot yourself (no, not with the bow silly) because of the long and arduous walk on the magnetic ceiling. Well, let's save time, shall we?
When you put on the iron boots to activate a switch, usually, it activates a magnetic beam. When you are under the beam, make sure to have the boots equipped, and you will be lifted up to the magnetic patch. The instant Link turns upside down, replace the boots with another item (I use the fishing rod, although you can use anything else). Make sure that when you switch out the item, the boots are not set to any other button on the D-Pad. Link will now be able walk normally. This is especially good for speed-runners.
Warning: this trick stops working once you step off the magnetic patches, so plan accordingly.

Tips, Tricks, and Secrets


While riding Epona, you can press A to dash, which uses up 1 spur (or that's what it appears to be). Once all the spurs are used up, they will all regenerate at the same time, after a couple seconds. If you don't use them up, they will only regenerate one at a time. It is more worth it, I have found, to use up all the spurs at once.
A little known fact about riding Epona in this game is that when Link is in battle, if he draws his sword while dashing, he will hold it out in a battle stance. He can also do a quick dismount by doing a backflip. Remember: This only works if Link is in battle.