Tri Force Heroes Mini-Bosses

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This is a list of mini-bosses found in Tri Force Heroes.

Electric Blob King

Main article: Electric Blob King

Level: Buzz Blob Cave, Area: Woodlands

Electric Blob Queen

Main article: Electric Blob Queen

Level: Abyss of Agony, Area: Riverside

Hinox Brothers

Main article: Hinox Brothers

Appear twice, first in Hinox Mine level, part of the Volcano Area; and again in the Bomb Storage level, part of the Fortress Area.


Main article: Freezlord

Level: Snowball Ravine, Area: Ice Cavern

Vulture Vizier

Main article: Vulture Vizier

Level: Stone Corridors, Area: The Dunes

Grim Repoe

Main article: Grim Repoe

Level: Palace Noir, Area: The Ruins


Main article: Gigaleon

Level: Deception Castle, Area: Sky Realm