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This template is a shortcut to entering the information of what to type to use a template. It displays it in a easily readable form, the same format as seen below under usage. This template is only to be used in the description sections of other templates, after the <noinclude> tag. This template automatically indents by four "em"'s, which is the same width as two consecutive colons at the beginning of a line would indent in wikicode.


To use this template, type:

{{Desc| Type | Parameters }}


  • Type
    • If you want the template explanation to have "Subst:" before the name, type "Substitute" for this option. For a standard template with multiple parameters, type "Normal". For a template that has the last parameter being optional, type "Optional".
  • Parameters
    • List the template's parameters here. Separate each one with a vertical line |. This template currently supports up to eight parameters listed in this place.

If there are no parameters, just leave that field blank.