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This guide has some noteworthy instances of bad and incomplete info:

Bad info #1: The Goht Moon Dungeon Piece of Heart. To start with, the description of "keep rolling along the path to the end" is overly vague; it doesn't clarify what it means by "the end" or give clear directions. And then there's the description of the Heart Piece as being in a "shrine-like area" . That's also no use - that description could just as easily fit the small platforms with roofs overhead. It might be passable if you changed the photo actually show the Heart Piece location. You know, like the photo used in the main walkthrough?

Bad info #2: The Ghost Hut Piece of Heart in Ikana Canyon. The entry for this suggests using jumping sword strikes on the first three Poe Sisters. Guess what? Unless there's something I'm missing, THEY'RE IMMUNE TO SWORD BLOWS IN THE N64 VERSION! I TRIED! If there's a way around that, it should be mentioned in the entry.

Incomplete info #1: The Swamp Shooting Gallery Piece of Heart. Could stand to mention two things: Making sure to look up high and to the left to hit the Mad Scrub on the cliff (this is essential to winning), and the fact that 60 of the 2080 points are a victory bonus.

Incomplete info #2: The fisherman's Jumping Game. It would do to mention a couple of key tips for winning: Taking off the Bunny Hood, and using Z to straighten the view