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Bad Bats

I'm new here, so I'm probably doing this in the wrong place, and I apologize if I am, but I found a little bit of info on bad bats vs. keese. This site isn't exactly credible, but the second and third responses claim that the difference is that Bad Bats are bigger than Keese, and live outdoors while keese are found only in dungoens. (The other answers are obviously crap, though i did enjoy the one about keese being affectionate, but those two seem legit) This one also states that bad bats are larger, and that all the different bat creatures throughout the series are all "really just bats". So my guess would be that they only included different types with different names for the sake of having different "breeds" (for lack of a better word), sort of like the different colors of ChuChus (though without the different drops obviously).

Also, take another look at Beth. She doesn't look very red to me. haha