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Magic Oar

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|name = Magic Oar|image = [[File:MagicOarSprite.png]]|game = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages|Oracle of Ages]]''
|location = Given to [[Link]] by [[Maple]]
| use = It is used in Trade for the [[Quest for the Noble SwordSea Ukulele]]|cost =| related =
{{Quote|{{Dump|OoA|99}}{{Ref|OoA|99|In-Game Description}}|In-Game Description}}
The '''Magic Oar''' is a quest the tenth item from in the [[Oracle of Ages Trading Sequence|Trading Sequence]] of ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages|Oracle of Ages]]''.  To obtain it, [[Link]] obtains this item must speak to [[Maple]]. This can be done by speaking to defeating thirty enemies (fifteen with [[Maple's Ring]] ), then heading to one of the locations where Maple appears. When Link bumps into her, she will yell at Link for doing so (as well as take the items he dropped), and express worriment over her missing picture book.{{Ref|OoA|339|Maple}} If Link bumps into her while he has the [[Touching Book]] in his inventorypossession, she will take it, read it, and become touched by it. The {{Ref|OoA|352|Maple}}{{Ref|OoA|354|Maple}}In exchange, she will give Link the Magic Oar replaces the Touching Book, and which she says is the tenth item in the Quest for the Noble Swordfirst one she's ever made. {{Ref|OoA|355|Maple}} The Magic Oar must then can later be given traded to [[Rafton]] in order to receive for the [[Sea Ukulele]]. This sidequest eventually leads to Link obtaining the [[Noble Sword]]. {{References}}
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