Oracle of Seasons Midis

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Below is a full listing of Midi songs for Oracle of Seasons for the Game Boy Color. The files can be individually downloaded from the table below, or the complete midi pack is available here: Download Complete Midi Pack (48KB)

Track Title Duration Download
Ancient Ruins 2:06 Download
Castle of Despair 2:58 Download
Dancing Dragon Dungeon 2:28 Download
Dating Rosa 1:34 Download
Evil is Spreading 1:34 Download
Explorers Crypt 2:53 Download
Gnarled Root Dungeon 3:17 Download
Goron Mountain 4:38 Download
Hero Cave 1:06 Download
Horon Village 0:22 Download
Onox Battle 1:35 Download
Onox Castle 3:14 Download
Pirate 2:26 Download
Poison Moths Lair 2:31 Download
Room of Rites 2:09 Download
Samasa Desert 2:30 Download
Skull Pirates 1:14 Download
Snakes Remains 2:07 Download
Subrosia 0:45 Download
Subrosia Dance 2:00 Download
Subrosia Market 1:01 Download
Sunken City 0:54 Download
Sword and Shield Maze 2:07 Download
Twinrova Battle 1:21 Download
Unicorns Cave 2:10 Download