Interview:Zelda 64 December 1998

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Zelda 64 December 1998


December, 1998





Miyamoto is interviewed about "Zelda 64"



Interviewer: What do you think makes a good game?
Miyamoto: Well, I think the most important factor is the correct mixture, ie the weighing of the different elements of a game. My successful principle bases on a 70 to 30 percent share, that is to say 70 percent of tasks to be performed and the remaining 30 percent of secrects and mysteries to be unveiled and solved by the player.
Interviewer: How does Zelda 64 compare to Mario 64?
Miyamoto: In the creation of Super Mario 64, I was actually the director of the game, this time I am the producer. In Zelda 64, there are actually four directors, responsible for different fields of the game.
Interviewer: How many people worked on Zelda?
Miyamoto: About 40-50 persons, the biggest development team ever involved on the creation of a game! Additionally, we closely co-operated with another company to perfect the adventure. If we add this group to our own team, I can say that about 120 persons were involved.
Interviewer: How big is Zelda 64?
Miyamoto: This is a difficult question to answer, for the playing time depends on each player and on his/her individual skills. It's scope is at least comparable with The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past [SNES] but the player now has many more possibilities to move around freely and explore even distant places on the world's surface. I think that it will take a versed player at least 40 hours of gaming to finish the adventure.