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Nintendo News June 25th 2014


June 25, 2014



Nintendo News


Aonuma describes what he believes are the core aspects of the Zelda series.


[1] (original)
[2][3] (translations)

Aonuma: My son is in elementary school, and he asked, "What is so fun about Zelda anyway?" I tell him, "Finding treasure is the most fun!" Even if it is only one rupee inside the treasure chest, I think (laughs). Whenever you find a treasure chest, there is always a "Yes! I found it!"-sense of accomplishment, and when you open it, it is just so fun to hear. To discover a new item, I think I find pleasure in both the surprise and the opening.
Aonuma: It is said that one of the interesting things about "Zelda" is the "nazotoki" (nazotoki literally means "solving a puzzle or riddle"). Whenever I think "solving a puzzle", I just want it to not be too difficult or overly complicated. It would be better to use a "gimmick" or "trick". That might be better. Various gimmicks are hiding in the world of Link's adventures, so getting to discover it yourself and thinking about things such as "Can I use this?" or "I wonder if this can be used," and you also think when you see a certain reaction in the world. We love this kind of continuous discovery, and we find it very fun.

[The original interview contains more content which has not yet been translated.]