Interview:Gamereactor October 28th 2012

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Gamereactor October 28th 2012


October 28, 2012



Spanish media Q&A


Miyamoto answers a question about the possibility of Retro Studios working on a Zelda game.


[1] [2] [3] (translated by Google)

Q: If Retro Studios be submitted to Nintendo with passion and creativity saying that they are mature and able to develop a new The Legend of Zelda , how would react to such exuberance?
Miyamoto: (Smiles). Really, every game we took, Zelda gets bigger. It got to the point where, if we had to entirely within Nintendo, we would have to spend only Zelda have reached the point that its dimensions. Thus, Nintendo is working with companies increasingly dependent on home or subcontractors, such as Monolith Soft. (Xenoblade) or Grezzo (having to do with Final Fantasy ). Lately, Aonuma is very close to these businesses in their work, so the possibility that Retro Studios could make a Zelda with a good proposal is not a crazy idea at all and could be entirely possible.

But really, until now the design and script of Zelda Nintendo have created and that has to continue. Retro Studios, but was able, in the end Nintendo would have to be very, very in touch with the company that created this Zelda while outside Japan distance and time changes would make communication difficult, so surely Retro Studios is a company that is more focused on creating developments with less dependence on Nintendo. At the end probably would not be the most appropriate.