Interview:64 Dream June 1st 1998

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64 Dream June 1st 1998


June 01, 1998



64 Dream


Miyamoto would have liked to cut parts of Ocarina of Time to finish sooner, and hints at a 64DD sequel plus a new game running on the same engine.



The 64 Dream: What we can expect for the Nintendo 64 after the Japanese release of Pokemon Stadium?
Shigeru Miyamoto: By the end of this year, Nintendo will release a Zelda, Ogre Battle, and Banjo-Kazooie. We have to evaluate when we can release NBA and F1 games - both will be out once the Japanese N64 market has momentum. We also have Pikachu Genki Dechu and Game Boy Color coming as well.
T64D: Which titles are you going to be involved with?
SM: Although I'm not a producer of the title, I am overseeing the production of Mario Artist along with Mario RPG. Other titles include expansion discs for Pocket Stadium, F-Zero X, and Zelda. I have lots of games. While I'm working on these titles, I have several teams that are working on new titles. The teams responsible for 1080 and Yoshi's Story have already started developing new titles.
T64D: What kind of new titles?
SM: We are going to make games that no one has ever seen. I feel there is a bad atmosphere that you can't do something new at Nintendo these days. I never thought things like this before. So now we are changing ourselves to an organization that allows people to do new things and energize ourselves. I'm saying to my people that from now on let's go for the game that can be developed within six months and sell a million copies.
T64D: Develop a game in six months? That's not a thing that you might say.
SM: If you want to finish a game within six months, you have to make it within two months because you need to polish it for another four months. If someone asks me who can make such a thing, I'd tell them that I used to do it (laugh). It isn't a great thing to take three years. Zelda would have been finished in a much shorter period if we had cut some parts.
T64D: What about Mario 64 II?
SM: It was left on my desk in the middle of development. It's a matter of priorities. Once we get down to working on the game, I think it will be finished fairly quickly. We already prepared the sequel like Yoshi's Story. But we are emphasizing our effort toward an unaccountable game or a game that we have to build from ground zero.
T64D: Among future titles, will Zelda DD take top priority?
SM: Yes. Once we finish Zelda 64, the team will be split in two. One will work on a sort of sequel while the other team will be working on a brand-new game that will use the Zelda engine. Just like Rare does with Perfect Dark, which uses the GoldenEye engine. This will speed up overall game development.