Ghost Ship

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Ghost Ship
The Ghost Ship as seen in The Wind Waker


The Ghost Ship is a location that appears in The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass. It is a haunted ship said to be filled with treasure. Although it is difficult to find and enter, Link must track it down in both games to reach his final destination.


The Wind Waker

The Ghost Ship is a mysterious, intangible ship that sails around the Great Sea. It only appears at night on different islands with every phase of the moon. In order to board the Ghost Ship, Link is required to retrieve the Ghost Ship Chart from Diamond Steppe Island, an island in sector A6. The chart can also show which island Ghost Ship is currently haunting. If Link attempts to board the ship without the chart in hand, it merely disappears when he comes near it.[1]

The interior of the Ghost Ship is very similar to that of Tetra's Pirate Ship. However, its hull is destroyed in many places, allowing a small beam of light to enter, which Link can reflect using his Mirror Shield. In the HD version, the floor is also covered with a strange mist with ghostly faces in it. There are two rows of skulls along the sides of the room, and two Poes hovering near them. A Wizzrobe is also present, which will summon other enemies to fight Link until it is defeated. After all of the enemies on the ship are slain, a ladder drops down, allowing Link to access the back room of the ship. Inside is a treasure chest that contains either a Triforce Chart in the GameCube version or a Triforce Shard in the HD remake. After he opens the chest, an eerie laugh sounds through the ship, and Link wakes up on King of Red Lions the next morning. The Ghost Ship no longer appears on the Great Sea after this.

The Ghost Ship has quite the reputation around the Great Sea. The Fishmen often offer the hero warnings that it is a terrifying sight.[2][3][4] Lenzo, a photographer on Windfall Island, possesses a picture of the evasive Ghost Ship.[5] He informs Link that the man who followed the ship in order to write out the Ghost Ship Chart died mysteriously shortly after.[6]

Phantom Hourglass

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The Ghost Ship is a legend, known for being behind the disappearances of several ships.[7] Link, Tetra, and her pirate crew are searching unknown waters hoping to cross paths with it. Tetra does not believe the rumors, thinking that it is merely a bunch of pirates, and hopes to expose them as frauds.[8] However, when they ultimately do find the Ghost Ship, Tetra believes that there may be treasure in it, so she hops on board.[9] A bolt of lightning strikes the mast of the Ghost Ship, and the pirates and Link are left stunned to hear Tetra's helpless shriek. Link attempts to go after her, but loses his grip and plunges into the waters below.

The first half of Link's quest in Phantom Hourglass is centered around tracking down the Ghost Ship in order to rescue Tetra. After he gathers the Spirits of Power, Wisdom and Courage, he is able to seek out the Ghost Ship in the thick fog of the western half of the Northwestern Seas. After sneaking past monsters known as Reaplings, Link is taken on by the Cubus Sisters in a match of Dead Man's Volley. Link later discovers that the rumor is only to lure more victims into the trap and he finds Tetra turned to stone in the lower decks of the Ghost Ship with her life drained away.

A monster known as Bellum, who feeds on magic known as life force, is the mastermind behind the Ghost Ship. Oshus explains his involvement in the story. Link's final showdown with Bellum takes place on board the Ghost Ship. After facing him in the Temple of the Ocean King, Bellum possesses the ship, forcing Link to take it down with his cannon, and then Bellum possesses Linebeck, causing him and Link to fight amidst the Ghost Ship's remains.


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