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Duke Onkled






Duke Onkled is a character from The Wand of Gamelon.


Duke Onkled serves as the ruler of Gamelon and resides in Dodomai Palace. In the introduction of the game, King Harkinian tells Princess Zelda that Duke Onkled is under attack by Ganon, and that the King is heading to Gamelon to aid him.[1] If a month goes by and there is no word from the King, he informs Zelda to send Link[2] After a month passes, Link is sent, but fails to come back. Zelda and Impa then travel to Gamelon to find out what is going on.

When Zelda ventures into the Dodomai Palace, she will find and rescue Lord Kiro. Here Kiro reveals that Duke Onkled was working with Ganon to betray King Harkinian. Of which Zelda claims that she had already known that.[3][4] Lord Kiro tells Zelda that she can enter Onkled's chamber by striking the head of the portrait.[5]

After entering Onkled's chamber, the duke will beg for mercy. He pleads to Zelda not to hurt him. Instead, he will tell Zelda a secret way into Reesong Palace.[6] He will then give Zelda a key that will open the gate that is behind the rock.[7] Lord Kiro will then watch over Duke Onkled to assure that he doesn't escape.[8]

After Zelda defeats Ganon and saves King Harkinan, Lord Kiro and Duke Onkled will appear. Lord Kiro points out to Duke Onkled, referring to him as the traitor.[9] Duke Onkled will then plead for mercy from the King.[10] The King will then sentence Duke Onkled to scrub all the floors in Hyrule, before making a determination on any future punishment. He then instructs Lord Kiro to take him away.[11]


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