The new year is upon us, and as always, it’s a time to feel both reflective on what’s happened and optimistic of what’s to come. With the calendar closing on 2021, the year of “Zelda 35″ is officially done, but the horizon has never been more exciting for Zelda fans. With Breath of the Wild 2 (supposedly) releasing this year, we’ll finally have our next mainline installment that can carry the torch and run with it, while the possibilities for supporting Zelda content are seemingly endless.

As we do most years, the writing staff of Zelda Dungeon has amassed their hopes for Zelda heading into 2022 into a special feature for you to enjoy. Obviously, we all want Breath of the Wild 2 to actually release this year, but we wanted to dig a little deeper, get a little more specific, a little more granular, on what we’re hoping to see from the franchise over the next 12 months. Below are comments from each writer detailing what they want to see occur.

New games, new features, old gimmicks, returning events, and so much more — take a dive into our wildest wishes for The Legend of Zelda in 2022!


Heather Beard – A Skyward Sword Manga

The Zelda manga adaptations have always been a wonderful experience to view and read. I love how they take the source material from a game and make it into a story that you’re getting to experience again. The manga adaptation of Twilight Princess is entering its climax and will soon come to an end. I always hate for a series to come to an end, but I have high hopes for another game to be adapted.  Knowing that past Zelda games have been adapted into a manga format before, my wish for 2022 would be to see an announcement of another Zelda title being adapted into manga.

Many Zelda games have already been turned into all-night pager-turners, but the game I hope to see adapted most would be Skyward Sword. A Skyward Sword manga would be a great follow-up from Zelda 35 and the re-release of Skyward Sword in 2021. I think the game would translate well into text, and maybe the series would even expand on the comic that was included in Hyrule Historia? It’s probably wishful thinking for 2022, but that is my Zelda wish!


Sean Gadus – Any Kind of New 2D Zelda Game

Somebody call 9-1-1! 2D Zelda is on life support! It has been almost nine years since A Link Between Worlds, the last great 2D Zelda game. While other developers have crafted exciting new 2D Zelda-inspired games like Hyper Light Drifter, Blossom Tales, and Moonlighter, Nintendo has only released a multiplayer spin-off and a remake. While Link’s Awakening was a wonderful experience, the game is rooted in a design blueprint that was created in the early 1990’s. Like 2D Metroid in the late 2000s and 2010s, Nintendo seems to be fine with resting on their laurels, letting other developers make games that scratch their fans’ itch for new experiences.

After playing the incredible Metroid Dread, my brain has been flooded with possibilities about what a new 2D Zelda game could look like, and what such a project could play like on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is one of the most creative developers in the world; I would love to see what they (or a partner developer) could create using the Switch’s hardware. Even if Nintendo didn’t give 2D Zelda the “cutting edge” Metroid Dread treatment, a smaller scale 2D Zelda project could help the series move forward and keep the 2D side of the franchise healthy. Because right now, I can barely hear a heartbeat….


Mike Midwood – Commit to Improving the Breath of the Wild Formula

My greatest hope is for an original, non-remake, 2D Zelda game. The 2D perspective isn’t actually that important to me, but it’s the only feasible way we could get a more traditional Zelda experience with Breath of the Wild’s sequel on the horizon. As much as I’m looking forward to that game, my hope is that its inevitable success doesn’t snuff out the series’ classic style of adventure. I don’t want my favorite type of exploration to be relegated to remakes.

Speaking of the sequel to Breath of the Wild, I’m hoping that Nintendo is willing to enact real changes. I really loved its predecessor, but it was a game that left a lot of obvious avenues for improvement. With a handful of tweaks and a commitment to expanding the formula’s potential, I think this could be one of the best Zelda games we’ve had in decades. My hope is that Nintendo will make this sequel truly unique and not coast on the triumphs of the original.


Chakell Herbert – Remake Ocarina of Time From the Ground Up

I am one who fangirls over anything Zelda, but one particular release I constantly yearn for is a new Ocarina of Time remake for the Switch that is legitimately remade. Yes, I know that it has been given the 3D treatment on the 3DS, but I still want more! That game is a staple of the series and is what truly sucked me into the adventures of Link and Zelda when I was young, and I would love to see what new engines could do to the graphics. I would especially love to see a more emotional Link, because, let’s be honest, Ocarina of Time is one of the most emotional of the series and the Nintendo 64 just doesn’t always do the facial expressions and reactions justice with all that goes down during this iconic era in Hyrule.

I often think of the complete remake that the popular Final Fantasy VII received in recent years, and would love to see something similar done for Ocarina of Time, which is a game that defined the series. Who knows if it’ll happen! But until then, I will cross my fingers and hope that the time to shine comes once again for the Hero of Time.


Andrew Millard – Let a New Developer Tackle Zelda!

Along with some of my colleagues here, I would love a new 2D Zelda game. And if Nintendo hasn’t got the time, I hope they will entrust another company to give it a shot, even if the resulting game isn’t what we think of when we think of 2D Zelda.

The Oracles games, Link’s Awakening on Switch, and Cadence of Hyrule are all proof that this works. And if I’m really hoping for something wild, let’s have that company be one of these: Capcom, Grezzo, or Mercury Steam. The sandbox of Hyrule has plenty of room for others to play with Nintendo’s toys!


Alex Weber – Two Words: Zelda. Anime.

Akira Himekawa — the pen name of the writing duo responsible for the officially licensed manga adaptations of multiple Zelda games — has done great work in expanding upon video game narratives. Through combining both their artistic and storytelling abilities, they have built upon Hyrule and other locations in Zelda lore to create a rewarding experience for Zelda fans who read their manga.

Tons of anime that exist in the world are based off of an original manga, brought to life from the page through color, animation, and spoken dialogue. I would love it if Nintendo put out an anime based on the Akira Himekawa manga that already exists, particularly A Link to the Past or Ocarina of Time. I think, if done properly, it would honor the work of Akira Himekawa and subsequently add more depth to characters such as Link, who normally lacks depth as a video game protagonist built to be a clean slate.

As a proof-of-concept, not only did the cutscenes in Link’s Awakening prove the beauty in such animation, but there is also a fan animation based on the A Link to the Past manga that always makes me want to see more when I watch it, even though I’ve already read the manga for A Link to the Past. If not in 2022, I would love to see any of the Zelda manga adapted into anime somewhere along the road, as the stories told in the games and the manga definitely deserve some time in the sun! It would also be a great way to celebrate the anniversary of the series!


Michaela El-Ters – The Return of Symphony of the Goddess

With COVID surging again, concerts of any kind have been a bit touch and go. But in an ideal world, COVID cases would drop to the point where concerts like Symphony of the Goddess could make a comeback. Not only would I love to attend another concert, but there’s potential for various new tracks to be added. From Cadence of Hyrule to Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Symphony of the Goddesses could return in a big way with beautiful and epic orchestral renditions of melodies from newer games to keep fans on the edge of their seats!

In addition, I think there’s a way for Breath of the Wild 2 to be showcased even if the game isn’t out yet. When I went to the Kingdom Hearts concert years ago in California, music and new, exclusive video footage from the yet-to-be released Kingdom Hearts III was featured, and I think this could be a similar promotional opportunity with Breath of the Wild 2. Showcasing video footage alongside live music would make for an incredibly memorable experience while getting fans excited for the game. At least, I know I would be!


Charles Xavier – Hyrule Goes Cyberpunk

I once had a dream that there was a Zelda game set in the future of Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule where we played as a Sheikah warrior. Cities had become neon lit with Sheikah technology and modernized unlike anything previously seen in the series. However, beyond the flashy lights and the bustle of city life, there still exists links to Hyrule’s past, and by investigating them, players would uncover the dark past of the Sheikah tribe. The whole game would focus around uncovering Sheikah lore and attempting to suppress any attempts by other parties to leak the information if they got to it first.

It would likely never happen, but I can hope, right? I’d love to see a reveal trailer for a new 3D Zelda game with a concept like this!


Brandon Schmitz – More amiibo Please

The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD remain among the only major, first-party Wii U titles that have yet to be brought over to the Switch. Since the end of 2019, I’ve held off on re-playing either game. “This’ll be the year they hit the Switch,” I’ve said for nearly three years in a row.

Of course, most of us would love to see that come to pass in 2022. More specifically, though, I hope Nintendo commemorates their release with some unique amiibo. Admittedly, I’m not an avid collector these days — there’s just not enough space anymore! — but there are still a few Zelda-themed amiibo that are practically begging to be made. Twilight Princess HD’s Wolf Link figure is amazing, but I’d love to complement that with a stand-alone Midna amiibo. Similarly, the King of Red Lions would be the ideal candidate for Wind Waker HD. At this point, I’ve still got some space left for a few more amiibo — I’ll be saving it for those two!


Judy Calder – Tell Us Where Breath of the Wild Fits!

As a lover of the official Zelda timeline, the thing I’d love to see in 2022 is Breath of the Wild’s placement within it. Whether that means placing the events of this game on a certain part of the timeline, or even using it to fuse the different branches back together again, I’d be completely satisfied.

Of course, with a new entry on the official timeline should come collectibles and merchandise! Nintendo could follow up the placement with additional material that becomes part of The Goddess Collection — something like an add-on to Hyrule Historia. As an avid collector of lore-based Zelda books (and just Zelda books/guides in general), I’d definitely thank Hylia for something like this!


David Wayne Nystrom – New Zelda Reading Material

One of my favorite Zelda things that I’ve collected over the years are Zelda-related books: The Goddess Collection, guides, manga, and even that one-off Molblin’s Magic Spear (technically, that belongs to my son). With all those, I’ve also grabbed a couple titles from around the Zelda sphere, like the Ask Iwata book. What I’d like to see would be something more behind-the-scenes of the inspiration of the franchise and the people who have had a hand in creating it over the years.

A book about composer Koji Kondo, perhaps, and how he envisioned the music over the years. Maybe a retrospective from Miyamoto on his personal feelings about how the game has changed since his early visions of it. A book like that would be a really fascinating glimpse into the creativity that created Zelda and find its way to my shelf as soon as it became available.


John Piland – New Weapon Classes

One of the most important aspects of a game like Zelda is combat, and more specifically, how the combat feels. Breath of the Wild introduced a few new fighting styles in two-handed heavy weapons, lances, and magical rods. Its sequel needs to build on that, and there are many ways it could. Given Link’s Crossbow Training and Linkle from Hyrule Warriors, a crossbow or an Ancient gun-like weapon would be a great way to introduce fast-paced ranged combat. A more dedicated mage class would invigorate the combat as well, going beyond the simple casting of the Wizzrobe wands. The upcoming sequel to Breath of the Wild needs to bring a new breath to combat.


David Lasby – A Third Game in the Link to the Past Saga

Yes, I’m getting greedy here, but I don’t care — I’m putting this out into the universe! No game scratches the nostalgia itch more than The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The art style, the top-down gameplay, and open world in a 2D setting are everything I love about classic Zelda. Nintendo captured lightning in a bottle twice when it released The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. The game had everything I loved about the SNES classic, but with a masterful story and a truly open world.

But what’s really needed is a third and final entry into what would be the greatest set of games in the Zelda franchise. We got a spiritual sequel to A Link to the Past with A Link Between Worlds; now I want a prequel. Give me the Imprisoning War. Send Ganon’s minions back in time to stop the imprisoning before it happens and let our Hero save the day once more — The Legend of Zelda: A Link for All Time. And of course, I want this trilogy on Switch in time for the holidays. Not too big of an ask, right?


Samantha Reynolds – Game Boy Games on NSO

Last year I shared my desire for a Phantom Hourglass remake for the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, Phantom Hourglass remains a DS and Wii U exclusive, but a girl can still wish. This year, I’d like to see Nintendo add the Game Boy games to the existing Nintendo Switch Online library. I was ecstatic to have Ocarina of Time come to Switch (with Majora’s Mask being added next month), but part of me yearns for more. When I was younger, I absolutely loved Oracle of Seasons, and enjoyed playing it on my brother’s Game Boy Advance.

I was never able to get my hands on a 3DS when they were in production, and the (nearly two) decades old Game Boy Advance has been long since retired, so that leaves me with no way to enjoy Oracle of Seasons once more, or experience Oracle of Ages for the first time. Considering the trajectory in which Nintendo is introducing older games to the Online service, I’m hopeful that we will be seeing some of our favorite Game Boy games return to us. 


Jill Rosado – All the Remakes!

A remake of Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Ages, and Minish Cap! That is all I want! I was seriously hoping for this as a big announcement for Zelda‘s 35th Anniversary and personally I felt disappointed. Link’s Awakening for the Switch is absolutely exciting to play, and I would love to see these games in similar style. While I don’t expect these Game Boy games to be released this year, I’m still hoping Nintendo blesses us with news that these games will be remade. Until then, I will continue praying and manifesting for these remakes!


Alexis Anderson – More of Zelda from Smash Ultimate Please

I want to see the Zelda from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in a major Zelda title. The design of Zelda in the newest Smash game is perfection. I tell everyone I play with how big a fan I am of her, and I need to see her get some more room to breathe. Give her a game! Her design is heavily inspired by Zelda from A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds, but those games’ respectively pixelate and cartoon-ize the Zelda from their concept art while Super Smash Bros. makes her a 3D reality. I would not be mad at a true 3D remake of A Link to the Past even though A Link Between Worlds scratched that itch for many. But in line with some of my colleagues’ wishes, lets remake The Minish Cap but in 3D with this Zelda. Even then I fear she wouldn’t get enough screen time. So, bottom line: I’m hoping for a spinoff featuring my favorite girl. “Super Princess Zelda,” much?


Andrew Gray – Just Keep Moving

During all of 2020, while Nintendo was celebrating our favorite red-dressing plumber’s 35th anniversary, I couldn’t help but wonder if they would do something similar for our favorite green-clad elf for his 35th the following year. Now that the year has closed, and we did see the Game & Watch release, I was honestly a little let down from my own expectations.

I am always happy to get new Zelda material. I love this series, and I wanted a special 35th anniversary from Nintendo because I wanted to see the franchise celebrated at large as much as I cherish it myself. That said, my request is frankly simple: Keep the franchise moving. Add, grow, keep doing what makes Zelda great and I will be happy. Even if nothing released with the franchise at all this year, I won’t be let down so long as this amazing franchise keeps going strong for years to come.


Rod Lloyd – Re-Release Four Swords Anniversary Edition… Permanently This Time

In 2011, as part of The Legend of Zelda‘s 25th anniversary, Nintendo released Four Swords Anniversary Edition, an expanded remaster of the original Game Boy Advance title, exclusively on DSiWare. Beyond improved visuals and additional areas, Anniversary Edition also featured a new and surprisingly meaty single-player mode that, in my opinion, helped promote Four Swords from a GBA novelty to a must-play title for Zelda hardcores. But for all its positives, the tragedy of Four Swords Anniversary Edition lies in the fact that it was only available for a limited time before disappearing completely, brought back only once for a limited release on the 3DS eShop in 2014.

As a vocal defender of Four Swords Anniversary Edition, I would love to see Nintendo release the title once again on the Nintendo Switch in 2022, especially as the original Four Swords will be celebrating its 20th birthday later this year. The game’s multiplayer gameplay would certainly benefit from the Nintendo Switch Online service, removing a huge barrier to entry present with the Game Boy Advance and 3DS multiplayer infrastructures. Additionally, I want to see Four Swords Anniversary Edition stay available permanently; no more limited edition nonsense. In that way, we’ll be one step closer to the Switch being the definitive Zelda machine.


Andy Spiteri – NFT’s? No F**** Thank You

What more needs to be said here? I can’t really see Nintendo doing this, but stranger things have happened, so I’m just putting this energy out into the universe: keep those garbage NFT’s away from Zelda and away from Nintendo. One of the biggest fads of 2021 is the rise of NFT’s, and it’s also one of the worst. With multiple art thefts, the brutal effects on the climate, the general pyramid-scheme architecture of the NFT game, this would be an awful look on my favorite series.

We’ve seen companies like Konami, Ubisoft, Sega, and more jump aboard the NFT train, and while my heart tells me Nintendo has more class than that, I’ve been hurt before. Keep Zelda away from NFT’s for the love of all things holy — if you want to sell me some Zelda .jpegs, at least put them in a nice book.


That’s our thoughts on what we’d like to see for our beloved franchise in the new year, but we want to know what YOU think! Let us know in the comments below!

Andy Spiteri is the Editor-in-Chief of Zelda Dungeon. He still can’t believe that NFT’s are a real thing people spend actual money on. Check him out on Twitter here!

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