This week’s Windmill Hut features a song many of us hold near and dear, the “Wind Waker Title Theme.” This band cover is by YouTuber Tilusankari, combining different types of guitar, drums, and keyboard to create a brilliant masterpiece. Jump on in to pay homage to this amazing artist and song.

Before you go off and rant “There are hundreds of covers for this song! Why is this one any better/different?!”, give it a listen. Pay specific attention at the 1:00 mark, as well as at 1:24.

I cannot get over how epic this cover is. Sure, there are plenty of covers for this song out there on every instrument you could imagine. I think in my search, I came across one played on a saxophone even. I chose to feature this musician’s rendition because of how pure and true to the song he is. I suppose I am a sucker for simplicity, but the beginning is soothing. I feel a rush of nostalgia overcome me during the first minute, remembering my own voyages across the Great Sea, discovering new lands, meeting interesting and charismatic characters such as Tingle along the way.

Then, all of the sudden, those feelings are amplified by the intensity of the electric guitar at the one minute mark, and I found my nostalgia turn into epicness. The feeling is revitalized at 1:24 when the song bursts into the second half of the original theme once again. I imagine I will say this a great deal with these reviews, but I can not stop pressing replay. This song is pure. Thrilling. Beautiful. And in the end, it fades away, just as Link does from Outset Island to start his seafaring adventure.

Tilusankari has a few other Zelda themed band covers, all equally as awesome and powerful as this one. He has been uploading video game song covers for over two years now, releasing a new video almost every month for at least the past year. Check out his YouTube channel for more of his covers. I recommend his Island in the Sky and Deku Palace covers, as well as his Dragon Roost Island and Gerudo Valley covers. Really, I would recommend anything and everything by Tilusankari—he is a great musician who deserves such great recognition.

What did you guys think of his cover? What about his other work? Have any great tips for next week’s Windmill Hut? Comment and let me know!

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