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Check out this amazing Piano rendition of ‘Zora’s Domain’ from Ocarina of Time! Youtuber ‘PPPianist’ brings us a calming version of our favourite aquatic Zelda species’ theme from Link’s days on the N64. Make the jump to listen to the song!

Had a stressful week at work, school? Need a little music to soothe the soul, and help you relax so that you can enjoy the weekend? This beautiful piano arrangement of the Kakariko Village theme just might be exactly what you need. YouTube channel PJAlphsMusic has recently uploaded a piano arrangement by Pablo J. Ruiz Vargas. The Kakariko Village theme has always been melodic and soothing and now even more so with this relaxing arrangement. Head past the break to…

Fans subscribed to the Symphony of the Goddess mailing list were notified this morning of the restocking of several items. Additionally, the email showed-off an all new item — The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess Piano Book. Composed by a group of our most beloved Zelda musicians, the piano book contains all four movements as heard from the symphony itself. Take the jump for more information!

Zelda Piano Medley

June 12 2015 by Djinn

YouTube member Kurt Schneider recently uploaded a video covering several songs from the Zelda series appropriately titled Craziest Zelda Piano Medley. The video mixes lots of camera movement with the music to provide a professional looking recording. Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

“Midna’s Lament” is one of the most emotional themes to enhance a profound character’s backstory, with its driving solo piano line to accompany Midna’s desperation. Kyle Landry, one of YouTube’s finest pianists, covers this powerful song and it is definitely worth watching. Hit the jump to take a look!

I’ve listened to my fair share of piano-centered Zelda covers before, but this is certainly one of the best. Hearing it will take you right back to playing Skyward Sword for the first time. Even if you’re not a fan of Fi, or haven’t played Skyward Sword, you have to admit that this piano cover is very masterful.

If you liked this Zelda musical cover by MusicMike512, chances are you’ll like…

It isn’t easy learning to play the piano, but one fan who did learn has taken the original Legend of Zelda theme straight off the NES and put it onto his instrument of choice…

“Milk Bar” from Majora’s Mask is one of the most catchiest songs from the series, and a YouTube artist by the name of SadToyCats recently released an excellent cover of the song. He features guitar, piano, tambourine, and a rhythmic clapping to complete his catchy tune. Hit the jump to take a listen!

There are many Zelda fans out there replaying and recreating many of the memorable songs from the series. YouTuber iPlay video game music has recently posted his latest piece, the theme from the Lost Woods in Ocarina of Time. Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

Hello Everyone!
Just like everyone else here, I am a Zelda fan. I have devoted my life to the series! Whenever I play these fantastic games, I always notice the utmost beautiful songs and themes from them. That’s what really started my piano career. Before I could play piano, I always found myself wanting to figure out some of my favorite tunes. (Saria’s Song and Dragon Roost Island come to mind) I wanted to have a piece of Zelda to take with me. A tune that I could relate to myself or something I could just impress my friends with. Flash forward three years and although not perfect, I can actually play piano! Today I would like to share with you one of my Zelda piano medleys that I have been working on for quite awhile. What I tried to do with the songs was take the original magic I felt from them and transfer it over without remixing or adding my own style. I took some of my most memorable themes (Ranging from every 3D console Zelda) and play them all together without any pause in between the songs so that it all flows together like a story.

Take the jump to hear it for yourself!