Zora’s Domain Piano Cover

Screenshot_3Check out this amazing Piano rendition of ‘Zora’s Domain’ from Ocarina of Time! Youtuber ‘PPPianist’ brings us a calming version of our favourite aquatic Zelda species’ theme from Link’s days on the N64.

Make the jump to listen to the song!

PPPianist creates various Video Game piano covers on Youtube, and there are a large amount of Zelda covers, which I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear after listening to the above video! I can’t really explain it, but it certainly does capture the calming feel of the sea, which is a direct connotation of the Zora race!

Who are some of your favourite Zelda cover artists on the internet? Which other Zelda songs would you like to see covered by PPPianist? Join in the discussion below!

Source: PPPianist (Youtube)

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